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    Default Ginger Ale at CSS

    I had the most gingery ginger ale at css last February. I'd love to see if I can purchase it in the us. Does anyone know what brand it is?

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    Don't know the brand, but it is very good. They refer to it as Ginger Beer at times. Maybe that will help in your search.

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    The label on the ginger ale bottle in my mini-fridge last year at CSS said Evervess Ginger Ale. Though, in my picture, the bottle was turned a little bit, so there may have been another letter before the 1st "E".


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    Default Ginger Ale at CSS

    I think that you might be referring to the "ginger beer" that all the Couples Resorts serve. It is not quite the same thing as ginger ale - a bit more ginger and a bit less carbonated. More of a natural drink. The brand is D&G (Desnoes and Geddes) and is the most popular brand of ginger beer in Jamaica. They also make Ting grapefruit soda. Have seen both drinks in Walmart

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    Thanks! If I can't find Evervess here, I only have 230 days to wait!! Soon come!

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    I brought back a bottle of ginger beer from CSA called Old Jamaican Ginger Beer (I kept the bottle). What I have found in our area (SoCal) at Trader Joes is very close not as strong but still very good. A bartender at CSA gave me a bottle of warm ginger beer for a stomach problem I had and it worked wonders. Now I try to keep some around all the time. My husband got hooked on it with Jack Daniels. I have seen it in a couple of super markets also, you may have to ask for it because it wasn't with the sodas. Good luck finding some.

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    You'll not find unanimity about whether there's a difference between ginger ale or whether either is used properly in reference to any given example. However, I drink a lot of the stuff, and my experience has been that most of the brands labeled ginger beer tend to be a stronger ginger flavor than what most people in the States think of as ginger ale (Canada Dry or even Vernor's here in the Midwest), although many of the smaller, specialty brands also have a strong ginger flavor. I haven't been able to find a consistent difference between the two, but in general I find that the ginger beers tends to be "lighter" and "fruitier" than the ginger ales, at least among the specialty brands.

    Even if you find the same brand that you had in Jamaica, you may not necessarily end up with the same flavor, as many products have a slightly different recipe in different markets. I'd suggest grabbing a a couple different brands/types and doing a little taste-testing. Look for anything that suggests the Caribbean on the label, as this seems to be the taste that you're going for. I've found the biggest selection to be in the higher-end wine-and-cheese or liquor stores, but some have lately been popping up at the local super-store-type supermarkets. Around here they tend to be sold individually in bottles or in four-packs.

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    I fell in love with Dark and Stormys in Bermuda. It's dark rum mixed with ginger beer. It may have been ginger ale that you had, but a brand specific to the island. In the US you would do better buying imported ginger beer. The brand I get is called Gosling's and it's made in Bermuda. It has a very strong ginger taste and is delicious! I don't know where you live, but I'm in the mid-Atlantic and have found it Giant (Giant Eagle in other areas) and Whole Foods.

    If you're desperate and can't find anything, I've made my own. I make a ginger simple syrup by using a large amount of fresh grated ginger in equal parts of water and sugar. Bring to a rolling boil, reduce to a low boil and cook until it's a thick syrupy consistency about 1/2 the volume you started out with. Pour it through a fine mesh strainer. Add what ever amount tastes best to you to either sparkling mineral water (perrier, peligrino) or to club soda and give it a little stir. I've found that the sparkling mineral waters taste better.

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    There was Everess in the minifridge, which I love. at CSS but the gingerale at the self-serve soda fountain at the grill
    tasted different, really super sweet. At CSA the stuff at the soda fountain tasted like the Everess they had in the mini-fridge there too, go figure.

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    Stacie & Chris, you get a Martha Stewart 4 star applause for your ingenuity in going the simple syrup route!! I'll bet your concotion tastes great! If only I were that ambitious!! Maybe I'll try that this summer - I always have some ginger on hand....thanks for the suggestion!

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    thank you everyone! I am going to try the Stacie and Chris home made method and now I have many brands to seek out and try! I've found there is a Grace product in my local store called Tropical Rhythms and the ginger pineapple flavor is very good.

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    LOL @ gonegril. It really is easy to make. I make my own fruity syrups for martinis too.

    Though, I must admit that the first time I made my own gingerale/ginger beer, it was because I was home alone, with a stomach flu and in desperate need to gingerale to calm my tummy. I didn't dare leave the house to go to the store and I happened to have a large hunk of ginger in the fridge and several large bottles of pelligrino. Desperation at work.

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    It was probably Ginger Beer. I love Ginger Beer...

    Moscow Mule - Ginger Beer and Vodka
    Dark and Stormy - Ginger beer and Dark Rum
    Tijuana Taxi - Ginger Beer and Tequila


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