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    Default Has anything changed with the mini-bar set-up???

    A few of the latest reviews from TA/CN talk about the mini-bar not being stocked upon arrival? The reviewers are rather vague in stating whether it's Alcohol that's not stocked or whether it's just not stocked period ?? Could someone clarify whether it's actually stocked with something/anything upon arrival or does the request card have to be filled out before anything is stocked? Not concerned with liquor upon arrival, just wondering if water, juice and soda would be available.

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    At CSA the minibar was pre-stocked with Carib, bottled water, pepsi/diet pepsi, and some juices. There was a checklist for me to add liquor. I got my rum and red wine, but they were out of Highland Scotch (for minibars, I saw it at the regular bars) and IIRC, orange juice for at least a couple of days.

    So there should be your items of concern there immediately, the rest took a day.

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    At CSA it was stocked with water, beer, pepsi, dt. Pepsi, 7 up. I had to fill out a card for the liquor and Ting

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    At CN the fridge was stocked with Pespi, Red Stipe, Ting, OJ, water and Clamato. I had to request hard liquor (rum, vodka etc). Hard Liquor was limited to bar stock for regular rooms. When I was in a suite last year I was able to request premium liquor brands.


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    What liquors were available? Could you get Appleton rum? What about wine and champagne? We have a garden suite room. Thanks


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    Appleton Rum is standard in all rooms. In a suite they give you a bottle of Gin, Scotch and Vodka as well. You can upgrade these to premium brands. Not being a gin or scotch drinker, I cannot comment, but I would definately upgrade the Vodka to Absolute.

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    When we arrived the other week, we only had a few items in ours. For some reason I did not get pepsi at all during the week and ginger ale to late in the week. I had a Ting that held me over for most of the week though. no big deal. I could walk to get a drink. Last time we always got what we had marked down everyday. We were in building 8 on the 3rd floor. So I thought maybe they didn't have any left. We had a large group and no one else had any major problems either. Most of them put down miller lite at the bottom and received some cans of that for their rooms instead of Carib and RedStripe.

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