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    Default A couple CTI questions...

    We have made up our minds finally! CTI it is! But I do have a couple questions...

    This year in Negril my husband chickened out of parasailing due to his fear of heights. Well he thinks he's actually going to do it next time. Is there anywhere close to CTI to parasail? I love the fact that the beach at CTI is private and we will not have to deal with all of the jet skis and parasailing boats running up and down the beach all day but can wes set this up?

    About Tower Island... we prefer to stay clothed in public (I've had 2 kids! LOL!) but really want to check out the island. Can anyone go to TI? If not do they ever open it to everyone? I am a photographer and would love to get some pics.

    Thanks in advance!

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    YAY you picked my favorite!!! CTI is wonderful, I'm sure you will love it. I'm sure that there is somewhere that you can para-sail but not from CTI. Now, about TI, you can not go over unless you plan on taking it all off within about 5 minutes or so. In my past experience we haven't seen anyone go over for just the sake of going over. You might be able to arrange it though. It never hurts to ask....all they can say is no.

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    You can arrange a parasailing trip in Ocho Rios at the tour desk in the hotel lobby. CTI is actually located east of the city so it's about a five or ten minute drive into town.

    The Island is only for AN sunbathing and it opens from around 9am to 5pm. So technically, the answer is no. They don't open it up for everyone. However, while they are getting it ready to open (i.e. taking over the bar supplies) if you ask very nicely, it's possible the staff person would let you ride over with him and take a few shots while he's setting up the bar. But this is definitely not something they arrange for everyone.
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    It is not open to everyone, at the A/N beach at CTI you have to be naked. If you don't take your clothes off you will be asked to leave.

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    If you're lucky, they'll let you sneak over before the islanders get out there and you can snap pics. They'll also be able to bring parasailing to you.

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    No parasailing at the resort, but it can be arranged at the desk.

    If you want to take pictures of the Island ask the water sports guys to take you over at 8:30 am. You should have about a 1/2 hour to take pictures. When the first boat of others comes over leave on it or put the cameras away and strip.

    By the way, most people the are just like you, you have nothing to worry about. The island has very few "10's". You should think about trying it. No cameras are allow on the island when it is open.
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    The island is a wonderful experience and everyone made us feel right at home. We made some great friends on the island. My husband told me he was only trying it because I wanted to not because he wanted to. He went in with the attitude of we will go once because of me. Well he loved it and everyday we had to make island time which was fine by me. We all have our flaws and if people noticed they never let on. So if you think you might like to try it please do because it is an amazing experience. You can always start out on the side away from the pool until you feel more comfortable or if you get lucky enough to meet some islanders before you go most are nice enough to take you over and introduce you so you feel right at home as soon as you are there. If you get there early enough many times you can get your pictures before anyone else arrives. Have fun and enjoy.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone! I will definately have to make friends with that bartender! As far as staying on the island... I would have to do Bob Marley shots from the time we got on the boat till it opened! LOL!

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