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    Default CSS Buffet???

    I am wondering if there is a buffet for supper or do all the resturants turn to ala-carte. Is there a buffet for breakfast and lunch? Thanks so much in advance

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    A wonderful buffet breakfast is served at Palazzina, our favourite meal of the day!

    At lunch, Palazzina again has a buffet, and there's also a small buffet served at Sunset Beach.

    For dinner, a buffet happens twice a week, on Tuesday, for the beach party, and again on Friday, for the Gala, both are wonderful experiences with a large variety of excellent food. The other days, dinners are all a la-carte.

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    Remember there is also Bella Vista (Beach Grill) for lunch. It is burgers, pizza, stuff like that.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I am unaware of a supper but there are dinner buffets on the beach party and Gala nights instead of ala carte, which
    I prefer.

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    Ditto what Sunstarsmoon said, but I should add that at the Palazzina during breakfast, there's a made-to-order omelette/egg/waffle station, and at lunch they offer something similar with pasta or stir-fry or something along that line (though I don't remember specifically since we usually eat lunch at Sunset Beach).

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    CSA has a great pasta station at the Palms for dinner. They have a small salad bar too but the main dinner is a la-carte. I have been wondering if CSS has anything like that too.

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    Thank you for your response

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