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    Default CAT. Cruise at CN

    We are returning to CN in 20 days and we're trying to get a tentative schedule together.
    Does anyone know what days the CAT cruise sails?
    It used to be posted on the activity schedule but it is gone.
    Can anyone help?

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    Hi Bruce and Brenda
    ALL the times we have been there, it was on Mon.,Thurs., and Saturday.
    Mariann and Jimmy

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    Hi Mariann and Jimmy, Thanks so much for responding. We are trying to look at the scheduled activities, the special dinners, shopping shuttle and Cat Cruise and trying to figure when to snorkle and do our spas. We like to have a tentative schedule before we arrive to make the most of our time. We want to make sure we have a good amount of beach time and relaxation. We will probably schedule the Cat Cruise for Saturday if you think you might want to meet up with us since we get there the same day. Monday is the Repeaters dinner and Mrg's cocktail party and I would feel too rushed to get there on time. Thursday is the beach party which would be alright. It doesn't start until 7. Of course, all our plans are always subject to change based on the weather. We just have fun talking about it and planning. Bruce is already packed. See you soon. 17 days

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    There are two different crews that do that cat cruise at CN. We did the Cat Cruise on Sat night and had Rasta Ralphie as our host. A true experience. We also did it on one of the other nights and had Dilan the Vilan in charge.

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