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    Do I need a dress for dinners or can I wear capris or shorts, except Feathers to dine

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    No dresses required.

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    Yes, capris and shorts are fine. I will say that a dress would be cooler than capris. It is kinda nice to get dressed up in the evenings with your sweetie. It's like a date every night! We love it!!
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    Capris would work.

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    I wore capris and a dressy blouse at Feathers. At the Palms and Patois I just wore a tank top and shorts.

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    You may find that you actually enjoy wearing a light weight jersey or cotton is actually more comfy than any pant-type outfit (even capris)....

    If your capris are dressy and you have a nice shirt/cami to wear with it, then you should be OK for Feathers. Please remember to bring some cute non-flip flop sandals for Feathers and you may also want to bring a sweater or shawl as the air conditioning can be somewhat aggressive at Feathers (the only AC restaurant at CSA).

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