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    Default Which Couples?

    We're planning our May 2010 honeymoon and cannot decide which Couples resort would be best for us.

    We want beautiful beaches, good food, outdoor activities, and a fun nightlife. It would be even better if there were local off the resort options that were fun and safe so we could explore a little bit.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    We have been to CSA 3 times and saving for #4.Trust me when I say that CSA would be perfect for you, have a great trip wherever you go!

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    Well, based on your requirements, it seems that ANY of the Couples would be perfect! Technically, CTI offers the most excursions (CSS does not have the cat cruise; CN/CSA do not offer horseback riding) if that matters.

    It's a tough decision because they are all so great, but my advice is to check out the pictures, the website for each resort, and read this board. Then go with your gut.

    We have been to them all and have our favorites. But we like in a vacation might not be what you are looking for. Though I'd be happy to share any of our pictures and resort maps if that would help in your decision (
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    Are you social or do you want it to be just the two of you? Best beach is at CN then CSA. CSS is the best for quiet alone time.

    CN is all about being social and having fun. CSA is more sports oriented, but does get noise from the night clubs down the beach.

    Negril does not get overrun by tourists from the cruise ships. Offsite tours at CSS and CTI have to compete them (usually 1 or two ships per day except Sunday) Last year, we went to CSS for the quiet and romance. Took the Dunns River falls trip on Sunday and had the place to ourselves. This year, we are going to CN.

    Look at the features of each resort and do the 360 tour for each and then decide. They are all better than anywhere else you could pick.

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    We are very social. Just the two of us would probably drive us both crazy. CN and CSA are the two we were leaning towards and it sounds like that was the right move.

    Are either of those better for off the resort excursions and nightlife?

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