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    Default 8........EIGHT more days until PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited, I am beside myself. I absolutely can not wait. I have looked forward to something like this for years. My husband and I havent been alone in over 6 YEARS. I really hope we enjoy ourselves, he relaxes and lets his guards down, dont complain about the rooms and just soak up what all Jamaica has to offer.

    This is both of our first trip out of the country..............MAN I AM EXCITED. I dont know what I would have done without all of you and your post, advice, recommendations and suggestions. I sure wish my best friend would have volunteered for 2 weeks. There is just so much to do in such a short time and we have to make the best of it because it will probably be another 10 years before something like this happens for us!!!!!!!!!

    WHEW....bring on the drinks, ocean, people, sun and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, heading out now to get all of the "things" we need to bring!!!!!!

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    I'm happy for both of you! Which resort are you staying at? You are going to LOVE Couples! I promise it will surpass your expectations

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    Well nadie, you have me sooooo excited for you and you will have the time of your life!! Enjoy it all!!

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    Half the fun of reading these boards is reading posts like that one. I hadn't discovered this message board yet before our first trip and really had no idea what was to come. I wish all you "newbies" a great time at whatever resort you choose.

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    Thank you so much!!! We are going to CSA June 18-25. I started packing yesterday....haha a whole week early. I got almost everything on the I wish I would have thought of that thread.

    He finally said something that shows interest. Yesterday he said baby I cant wait to be alone with you in Jamaica, to lay witih you, hold you, that made my day. First time in the whole yeah I have been planning this that he has shown interest.

    6 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Love your enthusiasm nadie! You actually get me excited about your trip everytime I read your post!!
    Glad the husband is showing some interest now and you guys are going to have the time of your life!!
    We are not going until Dec of 2012 so I have to get excited reading everyone else's post! ha
    Enjoy and have a safe trip!

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    Nadie --- We will be there the EXACT same days as you, and I too, have never been out of the country. Where are you from? Can't wait.................

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    Soonerfans, I can definitely understand. I have been reading everyone else's post and count downs daily for almost a year and thought our time would NEVER come and now we are 3.5 days away. It is almost unreal, I am so nervous, excited, anxious, name it! We have 4 kids and NO time alone, they range from 1 year old to 15 and involved in every traveling sport, speech tournament, etc you can name. Ralph and I have only been married 6 years on June 4th. We blended our families and I am quite sure you all can imagine the challenges that come along with that so we BOTH NEED/WANT this.

    Besides his birthday was May 31, our anniversary June 4, and my birthday is June 19.....What better time/place to celebrate for all THREE!!!

    Teammagnuson, I am from the great ole southern state of Arkansas :-). No jokes people....LOL
    Where are you from?

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    LOL.. you are too cute Nadie! Thats so awesome reading your excitement. it makes me excited! lol SO happy for you guys! You will have a wonderful time! My husband and I really fall in love all over again every year. We have such demanding jobs with busy lives and going to Couples really allows us to reconnect with each other. I really believe that Couples has saved my marriage! LOL Someone had posted in another thread that its better than marriage counseling and I believe it! It usually takes us 2-3 days to completely unwind but take it all in and we look forward to reading your review when you get back!

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    nadie----finally a fellow Arkansan! We live in Central Arkansas..halfway between Little Rock and Hot Springs! CSA is our home. We will be there after you return to AR...July 11 to 22. This will be our third trip to CSA. This time we are celebrating our 35th anniversary and the year and half anniversary of my husband's massive heart attack and quadruple bypass. Your excitement is so refreshing...and familiar. Enjoy every minute of alone time with your husband. Be sure to post a review.

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    nadie, Sounds like you guys have a full house and full plate and glad you guys are getting some time off(just for each other)! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to both of you and you guys will have a great time! Again, love your enthusaism again and cant wait to hear about your trip!! Have a great one!!!

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    I am right there with you. Only 3 Days until CN. I can hardly wait! The days at work are just dragging.

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    We are from Oregon! Do you fly into MBJ? Maybe we'll be on the same shuttle. I think we arrive in MBJ about 11 am.

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    My Wife and I are going to be there 8 days from now. Can't wait to get away. This will be our 1st time out of the country also. We will be at CSA the 23rd-29th. Maybe we will see ya there. I will be the one on the beach with a few drinks, haha

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    teammagnuson, we do fly into MBJ. I think we are schedule to arrive around 11:40, so maybe we will ride over together. That will be so awesome, I can barely stand these last couple of days at work........ #UNFOCUSED!

    tulsatime, looks like we will find eachother very easily! I will be the tall dark chick with one in each hand :-)
    The anticipation is killing me.....if I hear my husband say ONE MORE TIME, whats so special about Jamaica!!!!!!!! Tonight I will tell him, you will know when you go!!! (stolen from someone on this board)

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    Nadie --- Is it possible we are on the same FLIGHT? We are set to arrive at MBJ at 11:40 also. We fly in from Charlotte, NC I believe.

    I totally get what you mean about unfocused. My daughter has her first ever soccer tournament today and I keep reminding myself to be focused on HER 'cus tomorrow I can focus on me!!!

    So, I haven't seen a picture of you on the Getting to Know You thread. How will we "know" you?

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    I'm Nadie's husband. I just signed up for these boards today.

    We had a fantastic time! Jamaica and CSA were amazing and now I know why.

    I've been back in Arkansas for 5 days, but I'm still feeling Jamerican. Good for my soul, not so good for my employer.


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    Sir Ralohalot, Man I'm glad to hear that you had a fantastic time in Jamaica and at CSA and hoping Nadie had
    the time of her life too!!

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    We leave in 3 days to go back to CTI for the first time in three years. Since we have last been away, we have moved in together blending 5 children, had two children start college and i commute 90 minutes each way. Boy do i need a miami vice or two or three.......

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