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    Default Tipping.....I know its not expected, but who and how much?

    We are getting married at csa and Stacey Clarke is doing our pictures- is it customary to tip her? We definitely are tipping our minister , but should we tip our wedding planner? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I am curious about this as well! How much do you tip the minister?

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    We tipped the minister $40.00. The wedding planner works for Couples, so you cannot give her cash, but we gave her a nice gift and thank you card. Hope this helps!

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    We just got married at CSS. We tipped the minister $20, gave our wedding coordinator a gift rather than a tip, and we did tip the photographer. I read somewhere professional photographers do not necessarily expect to be tipped, but we wanted to. We used the resort photographer and he was fantastic!
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    The wedding coordinator is a Couples employee so you can't tip her but my hubby tipped the minister 20 dollars. Be sure and remember names of the staff that gave good service and write them up on the comment card at the end of your trip.

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    We have decided on $50.00. Do you think thats ok?

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    From what I've read, $20 for the minister is good.

    I don't think you can tip the wedding planner, because she is a Couples employee. You should tip at the spa, if you're getting your hair and/or makeup done.

    I don't know about Stacey (I'm using her too.). I can tell you that the photographer for my first wedding was not tipped, but he cost 3x the amount Stacey does (and wasn't THAT worth it...btw).

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    My husband tipped the minister $60 - he was absolutely wonderful and just so kind to us and our guests.

    I has brought a gift to give to the wedding co-ordinator but was so upset by the things she didn't do on our wedding I decided against it...I was just so angry.

    As for Stacey...we did not tip her down there but we are hoping to send her something from back home.

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