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    Default Sad Day

    This is probably one of the worst days of my life. Due to unforeseen economic conditions, we were forced to cancel our 20th anniversary trip to Tower Isle. Hopefully we can reschedule for next year but the projections don't look good. I'm not trying to bring anybody down ... just needed an outlet to vent my disappointment.

    See you soon Couples ... I hope.


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    and the "talking heads" say the economy is recovering.

    My best wishes for your circumstances to recover quickly. 20 years is a milestone no matter where you get to celebrate.


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    I'm sorry to hear & g/l to y'all.....

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    Kevin ~ I completely understand and sympathize with you. We had a trip planned in November, but had to cancel due to losing our jobs. Now we are losing our house due to foreclosure because we ran out of savings to pay the mortgage and we still don't have jobs although Scott is currently in Phoenix doing his best to get an interview with a company that he would really like to work for. So I understand and hopefully next year will be better for all of us.

    Vent all you need to. Your Couples family is here for you.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Sorry for your circumstances. It is quite alright to vent here as it is a reality. We booked last year not sure if we would be able to get there and we have done the same going into 2012. That is the great thing about the Love Away Plan.

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    It will all work out, the same happened to me 2 years ago and it all fine now.
    Irie Mon

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    Kevin, So sorry to hear that you had to cancel and praying that things will get better soon!!

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    We had to do that a couple of years ago. And we cancelled literally 3 days before we were supposed to leave. It was the right decision, definitely, and we've been back since then.

    Blessings and hope to you and hope your situation improves VERY SOON.
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    Sorry to hear that. I know how hard it is out there. I was without a job for a year. I must have applied for HUNDREDS of positions! It was rough. Thank God for unemployment though. Luckily with my husbands income we were still able to travel to Couples, but not being able finding work forced us to move to a city that was doing better economically. We moved to DC and within 3 months I had a job. Hope everything works out.

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    Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. This is a testament to the character of the Couples family. When we do make it back home, it will truly be special.


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    Take pride in the fact that you are doing the right thing and not spending what you don't have. It will truly be what it is supposed to be - a carefree vacation - once it comes around and meant to be.

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    Default Just one more encouraging message....

    Kevin, my husband lost his job in October, 2010, and did not find another until April, 2011. We had to cancel a trip scheduled in April. The trip was an anniversary celebration we had scheduled in April of 2010 (a whole year of anticipation). I can relate to what you're experiencing. It was a very difficult time. I'm confident you will find something soon and be back to Paradise/Jamaica/Couples. I'm looking forward to the possibility of meeting you there!

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    Keven, my wife was in an auto accident two weeks ago. She lives each and every day in serious pain. The MRI shows a collapsed disk and may require surgery. The 'other driver' did not have insurance, however, we are lucky to live in Florida with 'no fault' insurance. Still, no income from her job so we are not sure we will be able to make the annual October trip to CSS. So, Keven be happy you guys have your health. The $$ issues will work out and you will be back. Keep your heads up, I know we are!!!!

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    If your situation involves a career change PLEASE read this book! It will help tremendously! Also check out We live the Dave Ramsey way of life and can say we are 100% debt free. It was hard work at first but it feels great now!!

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    Thanks for the reality check. We are very lucky to have our health. I hear about so many people who struggle through illnesses and injury and am thankful for our health every day. I hope your wife makes a full and quick recovery.


    Our situation doesn't include a job loss or a career change ... yet. We are dealing with severe income loss due to drastic furloughs for the past few months. This is finally catching up with us. On the bright side, I've had time to advance my photography into a small side business. I think I may need to read your recommended book. Thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffin View Post
    If your situation involves a career change PLEASE read this book! It will help tremendously! Also check out We live the Dave Ramsey way of life and can say we are 100% debt free. It was hard work at first but it feels great now!!
    This seems like spam.

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