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    Default CTI Photographer / Package?


    I am getting married on 7/2/11 at CTI and we are counting down the days. Unlike others that have brought their own photographer, we have elected to not hire one independently, and have opted to go with the photo package that goes along with our wedding (Tower Isle Wedding). I wanted to know what everyone else experience was with the photographer & their photos. Were you happy with the end results or do you wish you had brought along your own photographer?



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    We just had our weddingmoon at CTI on 5/5. Our resort photographer, Damien, was wonderful! Rain was looming after our ceremony so he was effecient with the limited time and our pictures turned out wonderful. There truly was no reason for me to worry in the slightest by using the resort photographer!

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    I am getting married in December and still going back and forth about the photographer. Can I see some of your pics?

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