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    Default Outlets??? Csa

    I've seen really conflicting threads about this. Are there outlets in the bathroom at CSA? Specifically ocean verandah rooms? Some people have said no outlets in the bathroom. Others have said yes! And if not, are there outlets other places in the room that are located near mirrors (not sure if there is a mirror in the main part of the room, but I assume so!)?


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    yes ther are outlets
    Randi & Sherri
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    It's CN that doesn't have the outlets in the bathrooms. CSA does have outlets in the bathrooms.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We were in a beachfront verandah suite ( one row toward the beach) and our bathroom did not have an outlet. Right outside the bathroom door there was an outlet. I plugged my curling iron in there. Slightly challenging. They do have a hairdryer on the wall in the bathroom and a makeup mirror. But just some plug in that said "shaver" and was not a regular outlet. We had a full mirror on the back of the door so that would probably work about as well as reaching into the bathroom.

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    what are outlets?

    Ruth - 2 great nations divided by a common language!

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    I opened the thread thinking you were going to be talking about shopping outlets. lol

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    Ruth - too funny!

    I think they are talking about sockets.

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    I opened it too thinking it was about shopping! I worked out it was plugs/sockets!

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    That's a relief - I thought sewage was involved which felt like tmi ( too much information!)

    R xx

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    Default csa outlets

    can anyone tell me if the atrium suites have outlets (sockets) in the bathroom and through out the room.

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    Hahahaha! Too funny Ruthjfj!

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    Oh, our beachfront veranda suite did not have any type of "outlet/socket/plugin" in the bathroom BUT did have a blowdryer. So, I took that as my "reason/excuse" for not spending too much time on my hair. It's vacation!!!!

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    HEHEHEHEHE.....what is a spigot?

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    OK... so some people are saying there ARE outlets, and some are saying there aren't! Still confused! Perhaps I will just call the resort to ask and get a definite answer. Thanks for your responses

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