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    Default celiac disease or gluten allergy

    My wife has celiac disease and I was wonder if CSA had any gluten free food choices we are leaving in eight days


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    This question gets asked frequently here on the board and people who have the problem say they do just fine at any Couples resort. When you get there talk to the chef and you will be accommodated.

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    I'm gluten intolerant and have the same issue. I just plan to contact customer service before I go and let them know. I'm sure there won't be a problem, even if no *special* foods are prepared. Your wife can always enjoy the proteins, fruits, veggies, etc. If you give them notice, you may be able to get some substitute dishes prepared though--like gf pizza.

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    thanks we have emailed them got a respond the next day from Tadean Miller we are meeting with a chef when we get there Now that's what I call great customer service

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    When we were at CSA in 2008 Couples was awesome in accommodating my SIL who is celiac. Thye offered for her to meet with the chef, but she found enough choices. Sometimes she just requested no sauce on entres, as many sauces are thickened with flour.
    For breakfast there's lots of choices besides bread and waffles... like eggs, bacon, sausages, fruit. I think she may have even found Rice Crispies.
    For lunch lots of fruit, salad, veggie, meat options. Just skip the bread or buns.
    On our wedding day they brought a fruit platter since she couldn't eat the cake. She also couldn't eat most desserts, so a few of the staff felt bad for her and found her some chocolates! She was impressed overall.
    Just be sure to tell them, and ask about any dish you're unsure of.

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