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    Default Hello, & a CSA question

    Hello, I have been watching the board for a while and decided to join in. I have a few questions for the experienced CSA travelers. Are beach towels provided at the resort? Is it best just to use your cell phone or should I buy a phone card down there? One last question(s): what is your favorite meal, drink & activity at CSA? We are heading out to CSA on Tuesday and I can't wait!


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    1. Beach towels are provided; you can exchange them throughout the day as well so you can always have a dry/clean one.
    2. We bring our little net book and we Skype home - it's free!
    3. Favorite meal - Banana Stuffed French Toast! :-}
    Favorite activity - not having a schedule!
    Have a blast on your trip - CSA was the best vacation my wife and I have ever had! We return to CSA in October; went to CN last year, and CSS the year before - we are happy to be returning back to where our first Couples experience began 5 years ago!

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    yes towels are provided at the resort. we get a digicel phone to call back to the states. The best thing is all of it from dining to the beach to the staff plain and simply the best....enjoy your week
    Randi & Sherri
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    Yes, they provide towels. I bring my own anyway. Using your cell cost quite a bit. I plan on using Skype this time, but I've just used my cell and paid the $1.99 every other time.
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    Thanks everyone! Anyone do the night snorkel dive? I am trying to talk my wife into that one. For those using Skype forgive my ignorance did you use your laptop or could an android based phone be used for Skype as well?

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    Hi Scott, fyi, at the end of your trip you must turn your beach towel into the sports hut and get a receipt and turn it into the desk when you check out Or you will be charged 15$ for each towel.
    I haven't had to call home so I can't help you there.
    As far as my favorite food, it is the snapper sandwich at Seagrapes. They also grill it at the Palms and it's so good. I hope you like fish! Have a great trip

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    We use the resort towels, but we alos bring one beach towel a piece from home. Just something we like to do. But you really dont need to waste the room in your suitecase cause they do supply them. Cell phone rates cane be pretty high over there. There are plenty of other oprions that are much cheaper like calling cards, skype, yahoo messenger, etc. There is so much good food. The Banana stuffed french toast is great, our favorite drink is a dirty banana, and some morning for breakfast they have a crab and corn quiche that I LOVE! O.......the sweet potatoe chips are AWESOME...The hot, spicy nuts at the martini bar are delicious too.

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