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    Default Hello, & a CSA question

    Hey all, I have been "watching" the board for a while now and had a couple of questions. We are heading to CSA this coming Tuesday! My wife wants to know if you need to bring your own beach towls or are they provided? Also for phone calls do you use your cell phone down there or do you just buy a calling card? Really looking forward to this trip booked it last year. One last question(s) what is your favorite meal, drink and activity at CSA?


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    Nope they have towels for you. Every day you can drop them off at a hut they have set up and they will give you a fresh one I would buy a calling card since international rates are pricey, or you can see about adding an international plan on your cell phone for that month. My favorite meal was the banana stuffed french toast at Patois for breakfast, but everything was amazing!! Favorite drink was the dirty banana I went parasailing after 2 Bob Marley shots and it was a blast!!! Was just there in May and can't wait to go back next year! You will have a blast!!!!!!!!!!

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    Don't miss the catamaran cruise!

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the banana stuffed french toast is INSANE! My husband brings it up on occasion...

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