I am leaving for CSA on Sunday and I signed up for romance rewards where I entered my flight information. From what I can understand from previous posts, this is how the pre-checkin can be done. By becoming a member and filling out the pre-checkin information, will this give the resort the information they need for my transfer time? I would like to cut down on as much time at the aiport as possible as well as make sure I have a seat on the bus! I did book my flights and hotel separately.

I have read that I should receive an email confirmation after doing the pre-checkin, but it has been an hour (I know that is not very long), and I have not received one yet. I wasn't sure if this was something that should be automatically kicked back or not.

One last question, how long should we expect to be at the airport prior to loading a bus to be taken to our hotel? While waiting at the airport, everyone mentions the Couples Lounge....are drinks there free, as part of your all-inclusive plan?

Thanks so much for your help!