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    Default Css november 2011

    I scrolled down and did not see a CSS November 2011 so I thought I would start one.

    My husband and I will be at CSS November 25 through December 3, 2011. This will be our third time to CSS at this time of year and we can't wait. As of today the count is 168 days 15 hours 19 minutes 15 seconds.....Not that I am counting.

    Mike and Cindy
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    We are coming down the same week. We have always gone to CN- so this is new for us! We met a bunch of great friends there- who will be at CN this year without us But- we always thought CSS looked wonderful and really thought we should give it a try. I am not counting the days until we go (ok- really trying not to anyway )

    Anne & Jeff

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    Anne / Jeff

    Looks like we are going to be rubbing shoulders on the same beach. Betty & I are returning to CSS this year (same week) and will also miss joining up with the same great group of friends at CN. If only we could get them to switch over to CSS and see how great this resort is as well...

    Chuck & Betty

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    Anne/Jeff and Chuck & Betty,
    We have been to both CN and CSS and they each have their distinct personalities. I miss the late afternoon caterman cruises at CN. I miss the calm waters of the CN cove. I miss the long walks on the beach at CN. The weather at CN was always beautiful, I don't think it ever rains at CN (I am sure it does but not while we were there). You can't say the same about CSS in late Nov. With this all said we are going back for our third consecutive year to CSS. Evidently there must be something special that keeps us coming back to CSS.

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    Chuck and Betty!! YEAH!!! No WAY!!! You guys just completely made my day! Missed you guys last year at CN. Can't wait to see you guys this year! Not sure we can tear them away from the beach, but never say never, right?
    Cindy-Mike- LOL rain? I think it rained at CN once, we just didn't notice as we were in the ocean Glad to be trying something new- CSS just sounded too nice to pass up..

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