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    Default Air Traffic Controllers

    Has anyone heard anything new about them striking again or is everything settled. We leave for CN on July 1 and want to make sure we have nothing to worry about.

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    BrendaandBruce.PA I was just wondering the same thing myself. We leave July 3, but now I also have to worry about the peding AirCanada strike! I think someone is trying to tell me something lol

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    We know what you are going through. We flew US Air one year and we only found out what was going on at about 4:00am when we got up to leave for the airport. They had setteled about an hour before.
    Good luck and safe flight. Which resort are you staying at?

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    I spoke with my TA who told me that they were okay and that last time they only struck for a few hours. We leave July 4th.

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