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    Default Laundry Service at CSA

    I have read stories of bathing suits taking days to dry in the humid climate. Can anyone tell me if there are laundry services available at CSA as it would be nice form them to be cleaned and laundered daily. Additionally does anyone have a price list for such services?

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    I have used the laundry service at CSA the past few times we have gone. I have never had a bathing suit laundered though. We use the service for our workout clothes (since we work out every day, it really cuts down on how much we have to pack). I don't have the price list, but based on what we paid for cleaning other items, I would put the cost of a bathing suit at between $6-$8. It is a great service - you call them in the morning and the stuff is back in your room in the afternoon. If you have earned a resort credit, it can be used to pay for the laundry service.

    Having said all that, if you rinse your suits out in Woolite, there is a drying rack on the verandah. The suits will dry, but it will take at least a day.

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    why not just bring a couple? Never have they taken 'days' to dry though...
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    Cotton takes forever to dry. But most bathing suits are nylon and/or spandex, which dries much quicker. We'd hang our suits on the drying line in the shower. They were mostly dry the next day.

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