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    Default CSA: which suites have glass windows, which are just shutters?

    Yes, I've searched but found contradictory answers.

    As of 2011, do all atrium rooms have actual glass windows?
    How about the ocean verandah and the beachfront suites?

    How about road noise? Ive heard it can be a problem in garden suites, how about atrium and ocean?

    I'm a light sleeper and (while on a romantic vacation) I do like my privacy so this is important to me.

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    Here's a quick way to determine if the windows have glass or not. Atrium and Beachfront Suites do not have glass on the windows. Only screens and shutters. Any room category with the word veranda in it has glass and shutters. All of the garden rooms are now Garden Veranda Suites.
    I'm sorry I can't comment on the noise as I have not stayed in any of those room categories. I know people who have and it honestly seems like it's hit and miss. Some people hear noise while others don't. I'm a very light sleeper and I can occasionally hear road noise in a Beachfront Suite. I hear more sounds from the beach like waves and people walking by. But most of it is softened by the sound of tree frogs. Love to hear the tree frogs singing me to sleep. Funny thing is, when I get home it takes me a few days to get use to the silence in my bedroom.

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    Thanks so much Karon.

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    The Atrium's have 4 units per building, two on the top and two on the bottom. Between the top and bottom rooms is the "atrium" which is an open space with some landscaping. Anything facing the open space between the rooms has glass windows with shutters. If you and your neighbor both have your shutters open, you can seen into each others rooms. The rest of the shutters only have screens behind them (although I can't remember, there may be one section on the side of the verandah doors that also has glass). The one spot where you tend to be able to hear neighbors is in front of the "couch" style area on the verandah. Since the rooms are mirror images, those two shuttered screens are only a few feet apart, so if you both have the screens open and someone is sitting in the same spot on the other side, you can hear them pretty clearly. One of these days someone will draw a little picture to better explain, because there is certainly a lot of confusion....I hope I haven't added to it.

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    Thanks, Austex! Wow, I'm continually amazed by how much ppl here know about couples!

    I think I'm leaning towards an ocean verandah suite.
    The hubby and I are all for treating ourseves but we've never paid even close to this for an all inclusive, so we don't want to pony up for a beachfront.....but we do need glass and, having lived in huge cities for 10 years now, we both want minimal road noise on vacation.

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    I've only stayed in the Atrium, so I can't really comment on the others, but it is definitely a bit quieter if you are in the middle row of buildings (behind the row that is right on the beach).

    The quickest way to get from one end of the resort to the other is to take the path along the beach, so it is pretty well traveled. If you are on the first floor/beachfront, people are walking by all day. The paths through the middle aren't as busy.

    Unless you are in the GVS, I don't think you will have an issue with the road noise. I have been in an Atrium suite very close to the main lobby where the busses pull up, and was never bothered, even with the windows open (but I also live by a train track..LOL).

    I know you will enjoy yourselves!

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