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    Default WAHOOOOO We got the Wednesday Special!

    I waited up to get the CTI Wednesday promotion of $298.00 per night. To my surprise when I looked at about 11:30PM it was already loaded into the system !!

    I was going to split 5 nights at another resort and 4 nights at CTI. However when I saw the special I decided to change plans slightly.

    Now it is 3 nights at the "J" resort and 7 nights at CTI in the Premier Ocean Room. Sure hope my girl is surprised. This is our anniversary and both of our birthdays. We will be in Jamaica from 8-19/8-29

    THEN I think I am going to give her a double surprise of booking CSA for next year as well. The rates are just too good to pass up as compared to this years rates. They are still a bit expensive but we love Jamaica. It has something to do with the flaura and fauna plus the palm trees on the beach. So trip # 7 coming up for Jamaica!

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    Congratulations, I am very happy for you. Isn't it great when things work out like that!!!!

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    way to go arewethereyet!!! she is going to be so surprised and sooooo happy!!! I would say job well done and keep the surprising coming and coming!!

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    We just took advantage of the special also and will be there in November. We have talked about renewing our wedding vows (after 28+ years together) so I'm thinking this will be a perfect opportunity.

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    After 5 1/2 hours of going back and forth with our TA, we finally were able to take advantage of the Wednesday special too! We will be at CTI in October for 10 nights - able to get a Premier room for $140 less then what we had the Superior room booked at Now if we could get the room we had when we were there for 14 nights for our weddingmoon, that would be awesome! (Going back for 5 yr anniversary)

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    Hi Sweet....

    May I ask what room you had for your weddingmoon?

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