I waited up to get the CTI Wednesday promotion of $298.00 per night. To my surprise when I looked at about 11:30PM it was already loaded into the system !!

I was going to split 5 nights at another resort and 4 nights at CTI. However when I saw the special I decided to change plans slightly.

Now it is 3 nights at the "J" resort and 7 nights at CTI in the Premier Ocean Room. Sure hope my girl is surprised. This is our anniversary and both of our birthdays. We will be in Jamaica from 8-19/8-29

THEN I think I am going to give her a double surprise of booking CSA for next year as well. The rates are just too good to pass up as compared to this years rates. They are still a bit expensive but we love Jamaica. It has something to do with the flaura and fauna plus the palm trees on the beach. So trip # 7 coming up for Jamaica!