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    Hi Katie and girls!!!
    I am getting married on the island in 4 weeks. I feel like I have been torturing the coordinator with emails and pictures lol. This post has made me feel so much more comfortable. I am doing my ceremony with the cocktails and appetizers on the island and after that we are going to bayside for a private dinner. We are having about 25 guests. I am having the cellist and guitarist for wedding and then a sax while on island. I will be having a dj for the reception at bayside. I have been to tower isle about a year ao and I know the food the service and the drinks are fabulous!!! Your wedding looked so elegant. That is why I picked the island because something about it we found magical and private.
    I also didn't want a typical destination wedding. I wanted something more elegant and dressy. I am wearing a Lazaro. You have no idea how your pictures have eased my mind!!!
    I did hire an outside photographer named Stacey Clarke.
    Would you please send me some more pictures I would be ever grateful


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    Hi Katie,

    Hope that I am not too late in finding this thread.. My fiance and I are looking into possibly getting married on Tower Isle this coming June. Would you please be able to send me more pictures of your wedding so that we have a little better idea of what we would be able to expect? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


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    Of course I also managed to forget my email address as well -- Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuse View Post
    Congrats and great pictures. Now you see why we'll be heading back" home "this Sept. for the 4th time.
    Hey Cuse, what week in September are you going? We are also from Syracuse and we are going Sept 20-28.

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    Hi Kate and other Tower Island brides!
    We're planning for April 2013 with about 50 guests, (ceremony, dinner and dancing) and would love to see more photos of your wedding!
    Greatly appreciated,

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    Which week in April?

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    [Which week in April? ]
    Just asking because when we were at CTI this year there was a LARGE wedding party and I would prefer to schedule our next trip around large groups. Kind of selfish, but it's my vacation too.

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