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    Default JILL and DAN Couples Swept Away Weddingmoon 04-26-11

    Hello everyone,

    Dan and I were married April 26th at Couples Swept Away. I've attached my slideshow from the AMAZING Misha Earle and decided to break down my review to give all the details for the brides to be.

    My flowers were an $80 upgrade. I believe the bouquet was called "Negril Bride" I did ask them to add a bit of yellow to the original to match Dan's tie

    Hair and Make-up
    I did my own make-up and had the salon do my hair. My wedding was at 10am and my hair appointment was @ 8. I was slightly stressed that it wouldn't be enough time, but it was PLENTY! I did my make-up before my hair appointment, when I got back to the room all I had to do was touch-up and get dressed! P.s. Karleen at the salon is amazing, she also did my mani-pedi the day before!

    Originally we brought our Ipods with all of our songs. After laying on the beach and listening to the music we changed our minds and decided to do the mento band. They were $150/hour. We had them for the ceremony and then the cocktail hour. They were worth every penny! They had such great energy and were a ton of fun. The videographer also used their music throughout the entire video and it's amazing to be able to go back and listen to them

    We used the resort videographer. It was $400. The video is great quality. It is however, slightly cheesy. However...I love it as did my family who were unable to attend. It made the family feel more included and I am thankful we had it done.

    By far the BEST decision I made. We booked Misha for 3 hours. We paid $1700. (my only big splurge) That did include the resort fee and an additional slideshow. She has incredible talent. If anyone is considering her and would like additional photos please e-mail me. Trust me, you will not be sorry!

    My wedding tip for future brides
    Check out the Romance Packages! Dan and I bought a package for $419. It included the $200 wedding fee, a cocktail hour for 10 guests, private dinner on the beach, $100 spa credit and $50 resort credit! I know it's a ton of stuff and was an excellent value. We used the Spa credit to extend our couples massage and did the dinner on the beach our last nght in Jamiaca It was so romantic and the food was unbelievable! We also could not believe what they set up for the cocktail hour. We had a full bar, hot and cold"ll see the pictures throughout the slideshow.

    Only Complaint
    I had requested early my room would look nice in the "getting ready" photos. And it never got done. I spoke to the coordinator about it during our meeting and the day of the wedding I called the front desk when I got back from the salon. So, I ended up making my own But, seriously I was in paradise marrying my was not the end of the world.

    If you'd like any additional info please feel free to e-mail me
    Enjoy the slideshow...

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    Thanks so much for sharing you pictures, very beautiful

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    Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing! PS... that package was worth every penny!!!! Good call on that! We're having about 26 people so I dont know if we'd be able to do that. We'll see.

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    Congrats Jill! The slideshow is beautiful! Did you set up the video package before you got to CSA, or was that a late addition once you got there? I ask because Debbie just told me a video (without a picture package) is $600. I thought that was a rather steep price. $400 sounds a lot better!

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    Nice photos! Sounds like a perfect wedding day! It's funny how much of a fuss we make in planning everything and it all goes by sooooo fast! Thanks for sharing

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    Great pictures! I liked your hair! Misha was also our photographer! I love her!! lol..

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    Beautiful pics...thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you so much for sharing! You looked stunning and it looked like a perfect day. Congrats

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