We stayed at CTI in 2010 and CSS in 2010 and had a great time at both, greatly helped by some wonderful advice from this message board about going AN for the first time, we went to the island on the first day and were hooked.
We would like to visit a different part of the island in 2012, staying at Couples of course, so have decided on CN and so have a few questions for all you CN regulars out there:

-is there any bar staff at the AN beach or is it self serve and if so can you mix your own cocktails?

-what are the best garden rooms to stay in for proximity to the AN beach and for going AN on the balcony?

-is there a repeaters dinner?

-do you have to wear a wrist band so the staff knows that you are staying there? this wasn't necessary at CTI and CSS because there was no public beach with people walking by from other resorts.