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    Okay, we all go to Couples because we want to spend time with our S.O. with NO kids around. But what are the other Top 5 things you look forward to with your trip. Mine are:
    1. Service with a smile from an amazing staff
    2. Chocolate Croissants served with fruit on our balcony
    3. Spending time with friends we have made over the years
    4. Beef Patties with sweet potato chips
    5. Tower Isle--nuf said
    6. Pumpkin Soup
      By this time in just 25 days I hope to be sipping a sparkling drink with hubby on the verandah of the lobby looking out over the ocean at CTI.

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    Okay, this is tough, trying to limit it to just 5!! But here goes (all of these are with respect to CSS) :

    1. Definitely, number one has to be the staff! We so look forward to seeing all of the wonderful people we have met on staff there, their smiling faces, and warm hugs!!
    2. The beauty of the resort - everywhere you turn the views are absolutely wonderful!
    3. Sunset Beach - what an amazing place to spend a holiday!
    4. Having tea on our balcony, delivered by room service, while relaxing in our comfortable lounge chairs and enjoying the view
    5. Breakfast at Palazzina, the incredible Friday night Gala, the Beach Party, eating under the stars at Bella Vista

    (ok, so shoot me! I know I put more in #5 than I should have, but there's just so much to love at CSS!!!)

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    1 The beach and all the culture, nature and life that comes with it
    2 Seeing our vacation buddies again, the great staff and friendly guests
    3 The endless food and drink possibilities
    4 The luxurious heat and humidity, the sun and breezes, the freshness of the air after a rain
    5 The wonderful realization that I don't have to do a darn thing if I don't want to

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    Pertaining to CSA:
    1. Sunsets at the Bamboo Bar on the beach
    2. Dinner at Lemongrass
    3. Breakfast at Patios
    4. The first Hummingbird I order
    5. floating on my floatie w/ a drink and my honey!
    Back to Couples April 2012

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    1. All inclusive - no ifs, ans or buts about it.
    2. Getting to try new and different food
    3. Getting to try new and different drinks
    4. The beauty of the land/people
    5. SSB/Tower Isle (only been to CSS & CTI)

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    this applies to all Couples:

    1. no housework lol
    2. summer weather in winter
    3. sunsets
    4. no tv or computer for a week, even though it is of course available
    5. chatting with the staff, other guests and locals

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    Only 5?! Whew, this is hard, but here it goes.....

    1. The most amazing and friendliest staff I have EVER met.
    2. The beauty of Jamaica and, most especially, her people.
    3. REAL Jerk chicken
    4. Knowing that I don't have to do anything except relax and enjoy.
    5. Endless drinks and cocktails. ( maybe this should be 1st! LOL)
    Stay Irie, Mon!

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    This is for CSA, can't put it in order...
    1. Two weeks on our own
    2. The Sunsets from the sunset bar
    3. Bananana stuffed french toast
    4. The Piano Bar (& the big boys winning the quiz!)
    5. Hummingbirds.....lots of them...

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