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    me and my future wife will be going to CSA on July 25th!

    I'm wondering if it is better to bring US money or Jamaican money. Which one will be the best? Since I'm Canadian, we will need to change currency anyway.

    Is it better to bring only 5$ and 10$ or 20$ is also good to have?


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    I've been to Jamaica a hand-full of times: 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008...and we're now booked for 2012! Every time we've been to Jamaica, most all places accept both J$ and US$. I believe you'll do just fine with US currency.

    How to break it into bills is your choice. We always carry singles ($1), some 5's, 10's and 20's. Rarely if ever carry anything larger than a 20 though.

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    I haven't been to Couples yet, but I've been to Jamaica 4 times (3 times on cruises and once at another resort). In my experience everyone accepts US dollars. Since the Canadian dollar is worth slightly more than the US Dollar, I'd exchange for that. If you end up bringing home money, you could always hang onto it until the US Dollar is worth more and you'll make a tiny bit of money in the conversion. lol

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    US$ dollars is best.
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    I will go with US$

    1 month and a half before we leave!!!

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    in all of our trips 100 ones 100 in fives and 100 in tens we use our creit card if we go out etc....
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