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    Default CSS folks--talk to me about room choices...

    Hi everyone! My husband and I just returned from our 2nd trip to CN, and of course I am itching to plan our next trip for next year. (So addicting!) We are leaning towards CSS this time to see the other side of the island and I wanted some feedback on the different room levels as I'm a little confused. Do all the rooms have an ocean view? We don't really care about a lot of space inside, but would LOVE a large balcony with an ocean view. I looked at the pictures on the website and liked the looks of the balcony of the one bedroom ocean suite, and of course, the penthouse rooms. Do the balcony sizes vary within the same room categories? Is there a category I should choose to ensure a larger balcony? Any recommendations and insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    PJ - (That's my first and middle initials - and I was called "PJ" for years way back in school!! LOL)

    The beachfront jacuzzi suites in blocks A and B all have small balconies. Big balconies can be found with one bedroom ocean suites in E, F and G blocks, and the penthouse suites in D and E blocks (all of these rooms are "up in the cliffs"). However, there are rooms in those categories that have small balconies as well. I would book a one bedroom ocean suite, and if you get one with a small balcony, ask if you can change to another room. If they have one available, they will gladly make the switch for you.

    If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots more information about the rooms, and the resort in general, and also some pictures from our 3 trips to CSS.

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    Yes, all but the ocean suites have balconies. We have had both the one bedroom, and the ocean veranda suites, both in D block, both with the smaller balcony. We now stay in the Beachfront because of its location and my husbands breathing problems. I think most of them in D are smaller, and those in the other 3 blocks are the larger ones. The advantage to D is it is right in the middle. But even from the smaller balconies the view is excellent. The smaller ones only have a table and 2 chairs, but for us it was fine. I sat out in the early mornings before breakfast reading. Whaterver room you choose, the view is great.

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    Hello PJ,

    It sounds if I was confused as you. I relied on a travel agent that had visit CSS twice and was told that the one beedroom ocean suite had a large balcony but that there was not jacuzzi nor the very large shower that some speaks of. She said that the higher the more beautiful the view and I decided to go on her experience of choosing the one bedroom ocean suite. Sorry I can't help much. Our visit will start July 1st. Recontact me after the 8th and I'll let you know what I found to be. Have fun -- when are you visiting?

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    we were there last year and it was beautiful. I think we are going to head back to CN this December. So not every room has a balcony. We stayed in C block (Carnation, I think) and it did not have a balcony, it was the block that was close to the beach without actually being a beach front, and as I am sure you know it was still a little bit of a walk. It did look like all of the rooms the A/B/G blocks had very large balconies. Honestly a room on G block would give you the best view, and there is an elevator near by so you could by pass the stairs, and still not have to take a long walk in a wet bathing suit. My husband was not a fan of the CSS, but I think that if we had booked something in G block or A/B he would love it as much as many, many other people do. I though that it was beautiful, and I loved walking around up and down the stairs and finding all of the hidden hot tubs and the mineral pools.
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    Thanks so much everyone! This is great information and very helpful.

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