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    Default CN- What floor for regular Garden Deluxe room?

    Those of you well versed in the details at CN....

    Other than the obvious are there any real pros/cons to which floor your room is on?

    Does the heat tend to rise in the buildings making the upper floors more of a challenge to keep cool?

    Any real difference as far as bugs go (been to Jamaica at least 25 times so I know bugs are often a reality in the tropics)?

    Any real difference in how early your room gets cleaned? (I love it when the room is done early and hate it when it gets done really late!) Is this at all related to what floor you are on?

    We often choose upper floors at some resorts for privacy on the balcony, but it depends a little on how close the walkways are to your patio if you are on the first floor. Are the patios sort of set apart from the foot traffic or are the passersby right on top of you as you enjoy your continental breakfast out there?

    Thanks very much!
    CN- June 29 - July 6

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    Wow! 110 views and no replies. This is clearly a much more difficult question than I realized.

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    I'll propose an answer. We have been to CN twice, and are 75 days away from our third return. Yay! Anyhow our first time we were on the ground floor in a garden deluxe room and really enjoyed it, didn't have any real problems with privacy nor people walking along the paths - the paths are set apart from the patios. The second time we were on the second floor on the corner, and that was really nice. Having now been on an upper floor, I will now request that if possible. It does add just a touch of privacy which was appreciated. I also found the stairs to be a bonus form of exercise in a generally lazy vacation! I can't say much for the timing on the room cleaning as we were in our room off and on at different hours which may have caused timing changes on the cleaning schedule. However, it was always cleaned at some point and if we completely missed our chance, we had no problem getting fresh towels during the turn down service. No difference in bugs that I could tell. They exist and being high up we saw more geckos but can't say it influenced any other creatures one way or the other.

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    I don't think it is such a difficult question, but more of what do you want. We prefer the second floor. First floor isn't private enough for us and I don't feel like walking up three flights of stairs at the end of the day.

    If you don't rinse out your glasses you will get ants no matter what floor you are on. Other than that, we have never had any other issues with bugs.

    I don't think there is an issue from one floor to the next in cooling it. All rooms have their own air conditioners and a ceiling fan. We have always been very comfortable.

    I really can't say about the rooms getting cleaned. We leave the room around 8am and then return after 6pm so I really don't know when the room got cleaned. We prefer to be out and about so we were hardly ever in the room.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hi We have stayed on all three floors in the garden room. As far as the air conditioner, bugs and room make-up time, I didn't see any difference in these rooms. Our rooms were always cool, no bugs and sometimes our rooms were made up early, sometimes later but they were SOOOO clean that I didn't care. I liked the 1st floor cause you are right down there close to the beautiful grounds but there is not much privacy on 1st floor bldg.1 and 2 where bldg. 3 and 4 you have just a grassy area in front. I have loved all the rooms we stayed in for different reasons. They have this cool Jamaican feel to them that you just don't get anywhere else. You are going to love it. Be excited!

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    We were on the top (3rd) floor our first visit, and 2nd floor our most recent one. There wasn't a whole lot of difference between the 2 except towards the end we did hear the people upstairs stomping around some--it wasn't a big deal. We didn't notice any difference in heat or bugs, both were plenty cool, and both had just a few little ants in the bathroom.

    You may want to request your room cleaning time--they switch back and forth from early to late every other day, and on the late days, it was very late--after 4 sometimes. The balconies are several feet back from the foot traffic, there will be people walking by but they didn't bother us. So, while the 2nd floor was absolutely fine, if we had our choice, we would go for a 3rd floor. But, if the 2nd was the only one ready when we arrived, we would not hesitate to go on to our room.

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    Thanks much folks! Some very helpful info!

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    Our last room was 3105. We hated it and loved it.... Hated it because it was right next to the main road and was noisy as all get out! I was so upset I was in tears because they could not move us since they were at capacity. Once we turned on the AC though you could not hear anything in the main bedroom, just in the bathroom and hallway. Also being on the first floor if you left the bathroom window open people could see right in......HELLO?!? DH and I have a good sense of humor and all was good. So between the people walking by and the road noise I can say no romantic showers for 2 were taken for 2 weeks.

    Once we got past that the patio was BLISS! WOW!! really gorgeous and more private then we thought it would be. The gardens are beautiful at CN and we loved being at ground level when it came to them. We felt like we were in our own little paradise. It more then made up for the bathroom issues.... !!

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    On our first visit last February we were advised by returning guests on the shuttle from the airport to ask for a ground floor on check-in. Had something to do with dealing with stairs after red flag service all day on the beach.
    I was previously convinced that I wanted a 3rd floor room so we were not dealing with people or noise above us. We asked for a ground floor room on our arrival and we were put in a corner unit back by the tennis courts. Other than the road noise in the morning we loved the location and the extra daylight from the side window in our corner room as it made the room seem a lot bigger and open. We had absolutely no issues with privacy or noise from our neighbors.
    Room cleaning was alternated each day early/late and a note was left to advise us of this.
    We are returning the last week of July for 10 days and hoping to score a room in the same area

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