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    Default mayfieldfalls from cn

    we have checked out the mayfieldfalls tour. please give d and i the skinny on the day trip from all of you veteran travelers. should we take a private driver. what does the day tour include? lunch, drinks, examples. can the tour be done and still have part of the day at the resort? should we where tenny shoes or water shoes to walk up the falls?

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    We did this trip in April, we booked it with the tour rep from the hotel & had a car for 4 of us. We left the hotel at 9am & were back at approx 2pm.

    We had a car for the 4 of us & the driver was friendly & informative.

    Climbing the falls can be very slippery, my friend slipped & twisted her ankle I took water shoes, but crocs can be loaned from the fall, although I still think the water shoes are the best option.

    We didn't eat at the falls, we had a bigger breakfast than usual & went straight to the grill when we returned back at the hotel.

    Don't forget money to tip the driver & your guide through the falls, also topurchase photo's etc. They also have a few local craft stalls.

    We've climbed the Dunns River, been to the Ys & although we enjoyed both, my favourite has to be The Mayfield, we had a lovely morning there. They have you climbing up the falls through the water & back down along the side. The guide at the falls was great, freally informative & took great care of our camera.

    Anything else just ask.

    I'm sooooo excited we've booked to return in February - 255 days & counting

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    tt205 this is very helpful. thankyou so much. i do have a few questions. so, your group was aloud to book a private tour? what do you do with your money, towels, bags, ect.? are we on our on time or are we rushed? thankyou so much for your help!

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    we been a few times to mayfield falls in all of our trips and love it!

    definetly hire a driver and go to the falls. cost is 15us to get in and tips for the tour guides that will take pictures operate camcorder for you etc....

    have your drive stop in sav lamar for some good food then on the way back stop at the lighthouse on the end of the cliffs in negril. Tip the keeper a few bucks he takes you to the top and gives you all the history of the lighthouse really cool and the views are priceless
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    kkid, We weren't rushed at all. Their are lockers available at the falls for you to store all your clothes etc. The driver was very accomodating & stopped when we wanted etc. In answer to your question re: the private tour - we just booked with the tour desk for the 4 of us & we must have been the only booking from the hotel for the day. I'm sure they could sort it for you if you want to go alone or the front desk could arrange it.

    When is your trip? We are booked again for Feb - 254 days & counting....ya mon

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    We did Mayfield Falls in 2009, right after Hurricane Gustov. The water was raging, and it was a blast!! Absolutely beautiful and totally worth it. We booked through an off-site tour company which included all entry fees (just needed to tip the guide and our driver), so it was just my husband and myself, along with the driver who went up the falls with us and our hired guide. It was very cool being in such an intimate group and our driver had never been up the falls, so that was fun for us all to experience it together. We left the resort around 9 am and got back around 3 pm. Stopped in town at a local fast food joint for some grub and then our driver took us to another area where he also worked a side job doing horse tours, so we got to see an extra part of the island we were not expecting. We took a backpack with stuff and left it at the Falls area while doing the hike, they will take you to a little hut to drop your stuff off (and change if necessary) and things are very safe there - otherwise a lot of business would be lost, fast! Our falls guide did an awesome job and took great pictures for us - even shot a video! As for shoes, we wore Keen sandals which were perfect as they had a good gripping soles and toe protection - lots of loose rocks and flowing water can wreck havoc! As a side note, wear a swimsuit/swim trunks that are very secure!

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