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    Default Vow renewal dress?

    My husband and I plan to renew our vows at CN next April. For anyone that has done a vow renewal before or is planning one in the future-what are you wearing to the ceremony? If anyone has any pics of their vow renewal, that would be great, too! Thanks!

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    We will be renewing our vows at csa in August 2011 and I've been wondering the same thing-what to wear? I think I'm gonna just wear a short white sundress or something like that. We're doing it on the beach at 4:00, so it's gonna be hot-hot-hot!!!!!! Ours will be 40yrs. and we didn't reallyget to have a wedding 40 yrs. ago. I would also like to see pics if anyone has them. Thanks!!

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    We will be renewing for our 15th next summer at CSA - I'm reworking my original wedding dress to wear it again! I'm updating it, taking the sleeves off to make it sleeveless, and adding a lace-up back. It will be the same dress, but new too! I like the imagery of wearing the same/different dress to marry my same/different husband!

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    pugetpollards-that's a great idea! I had a few thoughts along those lines, but I don't really have the skill myself and am not familiar with a good seamstress! I'll bet it will look amazing! Is it floor length? Will you leave it that length for your renewal?

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    My husband and I are doing vow renewal at Couples Negril in less than 2 weeks. I have a ivory maxi sundress that is really pretty. My husband is wearing khaki carpenter shorts and an ivory shirt. We will be married 15 years on July 6. We are renewing our vows June 23 at 4:00pm. I am so excited!

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    pugetpollards - what a great idea

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    Thanks! I'm doing it myself...already started, so I have lots of time! My dress was very sweet and girly, (I was only 21 when we got married), so now I'm trying to make it more grown-up. ha! I'm not going to shorten it in the front, just because I think short wedding dresses are a bit bizarre. But I am giong to do something with the longer back...maybe do the random gather thing that so many dress have now...or just shorten it to match the front length. I'm going to sweat my tail off under there...but it'll be worth it!
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