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    Default Stanlely Graham at CTI

    On our first visit to CTI (COR) in 2005, we had a portrait done by Stanley.. We have watched him work at the resort in 2006 and 2007, missed him in 2008 because of CTI being closed for renovations, In 2009, we were there opening week and were told that he just hadn't gotten back yet.
    As we plan our 2010 trip, our hope is to have another portrait done in celebration of our anniversary.
    Can anyone tell me if Stanley is back at CTI??
    CTI/April Amigos

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    We wondered the same thing Yammy. We have one of his colored prints the island, that he did originally in l984. He is a very talented person. And he has a quiet elegance about him. I hope he will be back in April too.

    66 and going down

    See you and Steve on the island


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    I believe the talanted Stanley Graham is now working in Negril (Couples Negril and Couples Swept away).

    Kind regards


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    Thanks very much for that update.


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    We saw Stanley at CN last December. It seems that he is staying there for now. When we were at CTI in April there was another gentleman doing portraits.

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    I believe there was a portrait artist at CTI when we were there in July 2010. We will check for you in 25 days.

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