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    Default Naked = Cold, how to handle?

    Hi, everyone! I want to start off by praising everyone for the great info and support on here.

    Two years ago, my FI and I had the best vacation ever at CSS, and we tried AN for the first time. He loved it, and I liked it overall except that at some points I would get really cold/chilly and didn't know what the appropriate methods of covering up were without violating the rules so I just ended up freezing until my FI woke up from his nap and we dressed and left. We still returned several times but we left every time I got cold.

    Is there another way to handle this without having to pack up and leave?

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    Stay in the pool..... drink whiskey...... just my 2 cents...

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    Great question, I am also interested in hearing responses.

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    We go in July each year and it is never cold. That works for us.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    My wife is very cold natured and can be out in 85 degree weather and be freezing cold but also suffers from heat rash if the sun is too intense. We went in April where it has warmed up a bit yet the sun is not yet intense. My other recommendation would be to get a wool hat and mittens

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    We we've been at CSS in February and December over the holidays. Both trips we had some cool weather. No one seemed to mind if you put on your cover up while it was chilly and everyone took them off once the sun came out again.

    No worries Mon! My husband and I will be at SSB in July so I'm not too worried about being cold this trip!

    All the best,

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    Cover yourself with a towel in your chair. No problems. Just be nude under it.

    I would not walk around with the towel on.
    Irie Mon

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    The new hot tub is much nicer and warmer, you could try that. Otherwise, I don't see a problem covering with a towel when you're cold, but if you're covered up the whole time, some people might start to wonder why you're there.

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    Hot tub.

    Honestly if you have been there for a few hours naked and wanted to throw the towel on you once in a while to either block the sun or stay warm, I don't think anyone would say anything. Otherwise its the hot tub.

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    Jeff is right
    It is mostly never cold in July when we are there
    but last year we all got caught in a huge thunderstorm. Everyone was crowded under the umbrella of the swimup bar (out of the pool of course because of the lightning). We had towels wrapped around us and everyone was huddled together for warmth.
    After a while we had the cook drop a couple of orders of french fries. We brought them over to the swim up bar and viola. We were starting to feel warm. (I'm sure the drinks helped). Pretty soon the storm blew over and the sun came out and it was hot again and everyone spread back out around the pool and the beach.
    That is the only time that I have felt cold at SSB in July


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    When we were there this past December it was much colder than usual and rained every day. The pool was to cold to be comfortable in. Most people that got cold covered in their towel. It was like KrazyKeith said, don't be under the towel the whole time you are there.

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    Was just there last week and the wife and I are not keen on eating in the buff so when we went to eat we just wrapped up and ate and then dropped the towels again after we ate!! I don't think you will have a problem covering up when you are cold!! JMO!!

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    This may sound stupid but wear a little beanie hat. A lot of heat escapes out of your head. Hey, I am from Wisconsin so I know these things. Make you have something dry under you and like other people said, cover up with a dry towel if need be.

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    We were at CSS one November and there were a few cool days. The hot tub was broke so we didn't have that option. I just ended up draping the towel over me for a few minutes and then I was fine. The sun warmed up the towel, which warmed me up and then I took the towel off.

    I will say that I would get cold on the beach, but was always warm by the pool.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Thanks for all the great info!

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    If you've been there all day and it gets cool for a bit, no one cares if you wrap up in a towel for a bit. No worries.

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