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    I brought a custom hanger when we got married and left it at the resort. I am looking to find someone stateside to bring it back with them and then I would pay to ship it back. Unfortunately the cost to ship it from the resort is way more than I paid for it but would really like it back. Let me know if you can help. Right now the resort is holding it for me.

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    I get to the resort on July 12, i'd be happy to help if someone going earlier doesn't.

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    Oh that would be so wonderful!! I will keep you posted!! Your big day is right around the corner!!

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    we leave for couples tomorrow- I can get your hanger if you still need me to.

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    I think it is difficult question for me but I'm try to answer this question, you big day is right around the corner its so awesome.

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    This is a 6 year old post ������

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