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    Default Questions on upcoming CTI trip in June 11

    Hello everyone,
    We booked our first trip ever to an all inclusive, out of the country, beach vacation for this June to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Only a few weeks left and I cannot think of anything else!! I have been reading the message board regularly picking up tips for he trip. It is great all the info you all have shared! I just have a couple of questions that I have not been able to clarify.

    1) I did see that Lobster is not in season during June. I also saw mentioned a place in Ocho called Dave's Lobster house. Do they serve in June (frozen or something?) or is it not to be found anywhere? Not a huge deal but my husband does like it.

    2) I have seen several threads talk about taking candles for the room and balcony. Then, I saw where someone mentioned you cannot burn candles in the room and you should take the flameless ones. Can anyone suggest where to find the flameless scented candles? I have been looking everywhere and cannot find store in Southeast Missouri that offers them! I looked online but have not had a lot of luck either. HELP!

    3) We are booked in a Premier Ocean room at CTI. I have gotten a little nervous after reading that is so much like a hotel and not very tropical. We are looking for a quiet, yet lively at night if wanted, romantic get away in the tropics. Have we picked the wrong Couples? My husband has a foot that bothers him so the small resort appealed and we were drawn to the new look. I know you cannot reserve a certain room or building but any suggestions on which building might be best for the premier room? We know we will want a great view of the ocean from our balcony and a little privacy there. If we are offered an upgrade to a suite are they very far from the main areas?

    Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Hello all, I would really appreciate any response to these questions. I have been looking at other posts to see if I can find the answers but have not been successful.
    We are less than one month away and I am getting more excited everyday!!! I can hardly wait to get there.
    Thanks in advance if you can offer some assistance.

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    We stayed in a Premier Ocean View room during our trip a few weeks ago. It was on the 2nd floor (3224) and had an amazing view. We heard a tiny bit of noise here and there but nothing that bothered us at all. We looked out over the pool bar, but since it closes around dinner time there was never any noise from it while we were in the room. I would say that the left side (when looking at the ocean) is probably quieter because most of the evening action is on the other end. The design of the resort is great. It's really compact but you don't feel like your missing anything from a larger resort. Your husband should be fine getting around. You didn't pick the wrong resort. CTI is great. We had such an amazing time I don't think we would ever try the other Couples Resorts.

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    1. Dave's serves fresh only, IIRC
    3. I'm not sure what you're asking. CTI is like a tropical hotel...

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    I don't think you can get Lobster anywhere during that time, but I'm not sure as I have only been there in November.

    Candles - not sure.

    CTI is where we went on our honeymoon and loved it. We went to CSA for our 1 yr anniversary and though the beach was better, in our opinion, we loved CTI. It's very relaxing and romantic and although it does feel kind of like a hotel, it's amazing.

    Have fun!

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    Sorry, I can't help on the first 2 questions, but I can give my opinion on your third.

    First, let me say that we have stayed at three of the four Couples properties and visited the fourth (CSS) for a day through the Trading Places program. My opinion is that you can NOT pick, as you put it, a "wrong Couples". Each resort is different, yes, but each is also wonderful. The food and service is consistantly terrific at all of them. I think your husband and his foot will appreciate the layout of CTI. Everything is close to everything and there are really only some steps to get down to the beach, and even these can be avoided if you know where to walk. Any room with an ocean view will have a great view and that view alone will give you the tropical feel you are looking for. Don't expect an upgrade, but if you do, the suites are still close to everything.

    CTI was our most recent stay with Couples and it was fantastic. You have not made a poor decision.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    1. Don't know. I think since it is out of season that Dave's Lobster shack wouldn't be serving it either. But honestly I don't know.

    2. Again...don't know for sure, but who is going to be in your room to stop you from burning a candle? I would think those lite tea-light candles would be fine. But I don't know the RULES on this.

    3. You have definitely NOT picked the wrong resort. Many people, myself included, love CTI and though I guess you could say it has a "hotel" feel...I don't really see that as a problem. You can still hear tree frogs at night, there is tons of tropical vegetation on property, there are hammocks on the front lawn to spend time with your sweetheart in (romantic), you can walk along the beach at night, or on the pier, and spend romantic time alone, you can do a private dinner on the much to love about CTI. As for the room, I've not stayed in the Premier, but some friends of ours have and they love it.

    Try to stop worrying and go enjoy your trip!!

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    I can only answer #1 as we have not stayed at CTI. Lobster Dave will not serve lobster during the off season (this allows the lobsters to mate and replenish the population. Dave will serve other items and all of what he serves is very good. The experience alone is worth grabbing a cab and visiting Lobster Dave's. He has a great family and its great to get the local feel of the Island while you are there. We have been going the last 3 years, you should see our photos on the wall in his place.

    Here is a photo from last year of some of the fish he serves.

    Here is a plate of fish to go with our plate of lobster from Lobster Dave's. The fish literally fell of the bone and those onions were very spicy. Look closely and you can see the yellow peppers on the fish. Those are Scotch Bonnet Peppers, otherwise known and Habanero Peppers. Very Hot.

    Here is a map of how to get to Lobster Dave's by going through Island Village Shopping Center.

    Just grad a cab in the lobby (pretty cheap for the round trip and can split with another couple) and allow yourself at least two hours but most likely three hours so you can do some shopping too.

    Go through Margaritaville to the beach and follow the fence on the left.

    Go around the left side of the fence to get to Lobster Dave's. There will be locals wanting to help you, just tell them you are going to Dave's and they will happily show you the way. It's only about 100ft to the left from when go around the fence. There should be a sign in the tree saying Lobster Dave's This Way.

    Here is the sign out front of his place.

    This is on the opposite entrance from where you enter Dave's if you follow the map. If the cab driver justs drops you straight here you will see this sign welcoming you.

    Also, here are some videos I took while at Lobster Dave's: - 2009 - 2010
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
    CN: 2013

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    1. No lobster - if you find lobster it will be illegally obtained. Keep in mind this is not the Maine lobster you are thinking of but spiny tail lobster more like giant shrimp.

    2. You can always take a scentless flamless candle and a little essential oils, dap the oil on the bulb before turning it on and presto scented flameless candle.

    3. CTI is very South Beach which is tropical in its own way. Don't think you will be disappointed.


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    Sorry I am no help on questions 1 & 2 but you should have a very nice view of the ocean & TI. You will love CTI, my wife & I where at CTI pre(2005) & post(2010) renovations...the place is amazing. Nothing it that far from any room at the resort. Depending on the crowd at the resort, it can be very lively or quiet..most likely you will find a little of both. After eating,drinking in the sun all day, sleep time can come rather quickly in the evening.

    If you have any other questions please drop me a line...

    Congrats & Enjoy your 20th anniversary

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    I think everyone else has answered your questions except candles. Those are not supposed to be used due to fire hazards. This has been posted on the old board. You can use a flameless.

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    Thank you all so much. I am so excited I (or anyone else) can hardly stand me. My hubby is getting that way too. We are only 8 days till lift off now. I think I panicked a little since we have never done this kind of vacation about the resort but after reading the posts and looking at the pics every day now I am sure we have picked the right place for us. This board has been so informative for us it can be addictive for sure. I can hardly wait until I am the one answering questions since I will have been there.
    Thanks again and if anyone is going to CTI 6/18 - 6/25 we will see you there!!

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    Thank you very much for your information. This is great direction and we plan to hit Margarittaville so we will visit them both. Looks pretty easy to get to by your map and directions. We will let you know how the trip goes! I know we are going to have blast.

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    Harleygirl, I'm guessing you're there now and having the time of your life!! cant wait to hear all about it!!

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    You will have a fabulous time!!! We had a lobster dinner with our private candlelight dinner on the beach and that was July8. It was wonderful. I would not take the time to venture off the resort if it were me!
    The Premier Ocean room views are was so romantic all of the time! We were soooo glad we did not stay in a garden room, it was a little buggy over there.
    At night when it is quiet...go over to the spa and get in the mineral pool and hot tub. So romantic and quiet.
    CTI was our first all inclusive resort vacation and we just fell in love with it! We are planning a second trip in 2012, but we can't decide on which one. CTI will always be a special place for us!

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