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    Default bouquet pricing is outrageous....

    I emailed Debbie this morning with a picture of a bouquet asking for a estimate. Debbie is amazing at returning my email- but the estimate given for this bouquet was $275.00..........that's crazy....Name:  F8FF4B8F06C5342343A59D38DCE2A.jpg
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    Yes it is, I went thru the same thing. So I decided to go with Real Touch Flowers and will bring them down with me!

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    Try real touch, pricing may be similar but you can keep them forever.

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    I am making my own out of fake flowers and bringing them with me. That way I am guarenteed my colors and it only cost me around $30 for all the flowers, ribbon and bling I am putting on
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    you have to find out what the expensive flower is in that bouquet... are those calla lillies? Those might be very expensive to ship to jamaica. Ask he for a list of flowers that are grown locally and then create a bouquet from that! good luck!!

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    I couldn't agree more! I was pretty upset b/c I sent a picture of a brides bouquet previously posted on the message board and the bride said she paid $60 to upgrade it. When I sent the exact same picture from the bride to Debbie I was quoted $180!!!

    I am starting to get frustrated b/c I'm waiting on cake and flower information from last Thursday and Debbie isn't responding. I'd like to get this stuff done if possible b/c I don't want to be spending a ton of time make decisions once we get there.

    I keep telling myself "No worries" right?! = )

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    Ash...asking for a list of local flowers is a great idea!

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    For me, the flowers are just going to be something I pick out when I get there. I have a feeling they will be cheaper that way. I'm not creative enough to do my own bouquet and I prefer real flowers. I'm not super sentimental--and a silk bouquet will just gather dust in my house.

    @kelcan...I think if you wait until you get to the resort, you might find that what you want is only a $60 upgrade after all. When you do it at the resort, pricing is going to be based on what they have on hand, versus what they would have to track down. You might find that they have all the flowers you want on hand and the bouquet will just be a small upgrade. On the other hand, when you request a specific bouquet beforehand, that means they have to guarantee that they will have those flowers. You never know what weather conditions will cause some flowers to flourish and others to be scarce.... I understand why you want to make the decisions now...I was just looking at stuff for OOT bags and my wedding is 11 months away and I don't even know who's coming personality. However, I think that flowers (and probably cake too) are something that I should just go with the flow on. From what I've read on the boards, it's really only taken an extra 10 or 15 minutes of looking at pictures added to the time spent with the wedding coordinator on site. Look through the pictures, see what jumps out at you (and something WILL), see if it's an affordable upgrade and go with it. Personally, I plan to tell the coordinator that I don't even what to look at anything that will be more than a $60 upgrade for the bouquet. I'm sure I'll find something I love in that price range because orchids are my favorite flower and there are over 200 varieties that grow wild in Jamaica.

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    I just got married there two weeks ago and I upgraded 30 bucks for white and pink flowers. I have to be honest. They were not so nice. The flowers were brown on edges and I had 6 roses and it fell apart by the time I ceremony was done. I had to keep pushing flowers back into bouquet. SO on that note maybe just take the free ones. It was kindof a waste of money orrr it was just a bad day for flowers. Was disappointed in the flowers but loved loved loved my wedding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie & Chris View Post
    Ash...asking for a list of local flowers is a great idea!

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    For any future brides who want to know about my bouquet experience...please feel free to email me at

    Its such a long story that I don't want to unnecessarily post it on here.


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    I chose a free bouquet. It was one beautiful flower with greens and it was still beautiful the day I had to leave it behind to go home. I recommend letting the wedding planner show you pics when you get there and deciding. It doesn't take that much time.

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    I grabbed a natural touch flower bouquet at Hobby Lobby for $40 dollars and I got to keep it. Here is a picture.

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    Amanda- who did your photos?

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    I am picking up my real touch flowers sat. So I will attempt to post pictures on the weekend! I am so excited

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    Cecil @ CSA. He was amazing! Our wedding was at 4pm and he didn't stop taking pictures until 6:45. We didn't even have to pay for any additional time.

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    I really did hate how expensive the bouquets were! The ones I wanted were way overpriced and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I couldn't even take home with me. I truly loved how mine turned out, it was very pretty, but I did wish it were bigger. I would have to say that my wedding day was PERFECT, but if I could change one thing, I would have gone with real touch flowers, so I could have gotten what I wanted and bigger. Good luck girls

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