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    Default help! CSS Marriage Officer

    My husband and I had an amazingly beautiful wedding at Couples Sans Souci last year on April 13, 2010 The only problem is, my husband misplaced BOTH of our copies of the marriage certificate. Luckily I changed my name on everything, but I need to change my passport. We have tried 4 times to contact the wedding planner and the Jamaican government, but no answers! There is an application on the website, but its asking for the name of the Marriage officer...I don't know who he is

    If anyone can tell me, I would be so grateful! He has white is a picture of him...
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    It looks like the minster who did our wedding I think its Joseph Pendgrate (sp).

    Hope I am right.

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    This is the second "my husband lost something really important" post I've read in the last five minutes!

    Note to self...confiscate fiance's passport and both copies of marriage license after we get married....keep wedding rings on self at all I forgetting anything?

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    Sorry the spelling is Joseph Prendergast.

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