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    Default Spur of the Moment CTI Booking

    My wife and I have decided after much deliberation to go to CTI from 10/3 to 10/10. Unfortunately we won't have the finances to set up out trip until around the 15th of September. Any thoughts if we will have a problem booking into CTI on such short notice? We don't want to get all pumped up if we don't really have a chance of getting into the resort only two weeks ahead of time. Also any thoughts on any rate reductions after Labor Day?


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    We will be there at that time, 10/3 - 10/17. I would think you should be OK for booking. Unless they do a Wednesday special then Prices will be as advertised (not sure what they are at the monment. You could try a secret rendesvous package, but there is no garentee you would get CTI. Flights will probably go up the closer you get, could you not put the trip on a credit card to put the payment off untill the 15th? Hope it works out for you , you will love CTI.

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    Woooohoooooooo! Spur of the moment trips ROCK!

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