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    Default Snorkeling or diving with glasses

    My fiancee and I, will be arriving at CSA on Sept. 20. He wears glasses, and was wondering what were his options regarding snorkeling or scuba diving? If anyone else has run into this obstacle, please let us know how to overcome it. Thanks.

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    I would try the disposable contacts. I wear them and they are awesome. I swim in them, and sleep in them They are the Night and Day contacts. You can wear them for a month.

    I do know that you can get a mask made with your prescription, but they are fairly expensive I believe.

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    I only snorkel so please take this advice from that viewpoint.
    Basically there are 2 options:

    Use contacts for snorkeling-The mask forms a tight seal so no water gets in.

    Buy a prescription mask. I was able to rent one in Hawaii using my glasses prescription but they do not have prescription masks at Couples. (or didn't last time we were there)

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    We are avid snorkelers, and Bob is practically blind without his glasses. He can see well enough without his glasses to enjoy snorkeling. It's not like your reading or driving a car. Diving might be another issue.

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    Water slightly magnifies things, so if you only need slight correction you should be fine. A lot of divers use contacts. Prescription masks can be had from $100-$300 US. There are many places on line. Just google prescription scuba mask.

    If you have the opportunity, get a plain mask and go to a local lake or pool and see how it goes.

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    We got prescription swim goggles. We got them at an eye glass store and they were only about $35. They are not your exact prescription, but come very close. They won't go under the mask because that won't make a tight seal, but they do fit over the mask. We both need to have our noses inside a mask so we don't have to worry about accidentilay breathing through our noses while under water. If you're not worried about that, you can wear the goggles without a mask.

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    If you have a dive shop in your area go there and talk to them, they can give you a price quote on a prescription mask and you can find out how long it would take to get one. I wear contacts now but used to only wear glasses and had a prescription mask made for a pretty reasonable price, they just get lenses in your prescription and glue them to the inside of the mask lens--that makes it sound like something you could do at home but I'm sure it's a little more complicated than that but that's what it looks like.

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