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    I'm never been to an all inclusive resort & have decided on Couples for my honeymoon in September. I chose Couples because they seem to offer the most inclusions, luxury, & service compared to other resorts & the price is good. With that being said, I'm trying to decide on which resort to go to & am torn between T'ower Isle & Negril. Tower Isle seems to offer the most inclusions & costs a little less, however I like the resort feel that everyone seems to mention about Negril. Can anyone tell me whether I can book an excursion to Dunn's Falls from CN & what the cost would be? I'd also like to get a room with a tub that looks out to the ocean. There is a picture showing this on the Tower Isle photo gallery, but I'm not sure if Negril has any rooms like this as well. I'd also like to know which room it is that I would need to book. My soon to be husband & myself are a young, active couple interested in the many water sports that couples offers & we'd like to on a beach that is clean & not too overly crowded.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated in helping make my decision! Thanks!

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    Either way you would love Couples. We stayed at CN for our honeymoon and I loved it. The water was beautiful and warm, the sand was so soft and white, we took the kayaks out and there were people who took out the hobbie cats. There is plenty to do. CN shares it's beach with neighbors, and there are vendors who also walk along the beach selling their wares. Plenty of shade on the beach if you ever want to relax in the shade.

    My DH loves CTI best. The beach is smaller, but also private. There are plenty of things to do kayaks hobbie cats, the water bikes, and if the water is good I have also snorkeled the sunken ship. The water is a little cooler due to a river near buy the runs cool fresh water into the current. The sand is nice, but not the same sandy bottom that you find at CN once you get out of the swimming area. There are several sun decks as well as plenty of placed to lay out on the beach. I have never had to "fight" for a spot in the sun or the shade.

    Either way if you want to be active there are always a ton of things to do and the activities/entertainment group has a way of keeping you busy. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and remember to register for the Romance Rewards card as once you go you will always come back.
    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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    My husband and I are trying CN for the first time, and we chose that becuase there seems to be so much to do..much of it included! We too are active and felt that we could fill a week easily with what there is to do at CN.

    As far as the rooms go at CN, our travel agent suggested the beachfront suite. There is not a bathtub that looks over the ocean, but there are hammocks on the balcony or ground level of those suites and they are the closest to the ocean.

    happy planning!

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    We chose CN for the beach - it's fantastic! It's relatively quiet and very clean, semi-private so you still get a little interaction with the world but not as much traffic as CSA. If you were to stay at CN, look into Mayfield Falls or YS Falls - they are similar to Dunns RF but on the same side of the island as Negril therefore easier to get to since Dunns RF is a bit impractical from the Negril area. As for watersports, lots to offer at CN and Bloody Bay is great for crusing around in the hobie cats and kayaks. Can't advise on the room issue as we're satisfied with the simple garden view rooms, which we have found to be just what we need. Either way, the Couples is the best and I'm sure you'll be happy with whichever resort you choose! Go with the one that calls to you the most, it's the only way to pick the "right" one - as you can't go wrong with a Couples resort!

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    Thanks for the tips! The sunken ship sounds pretty neat. I didn't know about that & I know my fiance would like it.

    Does anybody know whether I can take the Dunn's Falls tour from Negril or if there are any rooms that have a tub with a view?

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    I do believe you can take the Dunn River Falls trip from Negril, but I understand its kinda pricey and you would waste most of the day in travel. Its the opposite direction from the Montego Bay Airport as Negril. Its at least 90 minutes to Negril from Montego Bay, and I think its about the same to Ocho Rios, so you're looking at about three hours one way. Tub with a view, dont remember any. But there is a beach and a pool with one FANTASTIC view! I would highly recommend CN, but dont think you can go wrong with any Couples resort.

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