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    Default Hours for CN Watersport Office?

    We arrive at MBJ on a Saturday at 12:55pm and wonder if we'll be at CN before the watersport office closes as we want to book our Sunday dives. (Other days too if allowed)

    We are hoping to dive twice every day and don't want to miss out.


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    You should be there before they close. I can't remember the exact time, but it is around 5pm.

    If you do get there after closing, just go to the water sports hut first thing in the morning. You will more than likely be able to go for that day. I think they open around 8am or 8:30am. Just be sure and have your PADI card with you.
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    They close at 4:00 PM. You should be able to make it, depending on how many plane-loads of peole are ahead of you at immigration.
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    Thanks everyone.

    Plan A: Go straight there and book then take the 5pm resort tour
    Plan B: Go first thing in the morning. Book if we can for that day. Eat a light breakfast and be back in time to suit up & dive..

    Someone said the first dive is the deeper dive so not as busy as the afternoon shallower dive so we should be okay as we are both AOW. If we can only do one dive a would probably be the deeper one. We can't wait for this trip. Just over 3 months and counting (June 10-17)


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