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    Default Atrium vs. Garden Veranda Suite?

    Hello! I my fiance and I are getting married at Couples Swept Away towards the end of July of this year. We are having a hard time deciding which room to stay in, the Atrium or Garden Veranda Suite. I was leaning toward the Atrium suites after reading so many favorable reviews on them. But considering there are only screens and shutters on the windows AND this is our wedding/honeymoon, I became concerned about others hearing certain bedroom noises! LOL!! Any advice on the pros and cons of each suite are much appreciated!! Thank you in advance!

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    The bedroom noises are the least of your concern, it's the bathroom & vomiting noises that aren't cool. We just got back from trip # 18 & we always book an Atrium suite, & heard alot of everything, even from other buildings. Remember, if you can hear what's going on outside, & you will, then they can hear what's going on inside as well & that's a fact! To a certain extent it will depend on who your neighbors are, but like I said, we heard alot of grossness coming from other buildings. I think the Garden Veranda has more privacy , we have stayed in Baechfront, Atrium & Garden Veranda, plus they have those awesome rockers on the patio, I miss those.

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    Even though the Atrium suites have only screens and shutters they do have air conditioning to mask the noises from the bedroom. The garden averandah suites have TV's that the atrium suites do not have if that is important to you
    The garden verandah suites are closer to the road then the atrium suites

    Hope this helps

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    In a word as to why the Atrium is the better room, HAMMOCK. I guess if your worried about noise coming from your room you could turn the radio on, but we all know what is going on in there; it doesnt take two hours to get ready for dinner. ; ) Congrates on your wedding.

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    Hey, I can't comment on the garden suites but Atrium Atrium Atrium lol. We loved this room, it was so so romantic, no tv to disturb you and the slats didn't bother me at all. Don't worry about any 'noises' lol, I'm sure it will be fine and everyone knows we are all there to spend time with our significant other so I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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    Well, I booked the beach front suite, which also has screens and shutters, for my wedding-moon.... I briefly considered that and then decided I didn't care. LOL The plus side is that if the Atrium suites are set up just like the beach front suites, they don't share walls with the other suites in the building.

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We were married there in 2008. You are going to love it!
    We stayed in a verandah in the old section and it was just fine, but the atriums do look very nice. I don't know about noise. I would think if you closed the shutters it should be ok, but surely others will comment. You certainly don't want to hold back, being yout wedding/honeymoon after all
    Have a great trip!!!

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    I've gotta go with SonoftheBeach on this one. A few years back, we retired on our first night on-resort, and were staying that reach in an Atrium. There happened to have been a HUGE wedding there that day (rented dancefloor on the beach... just south of 100 guests... way more money than we'll ever see... you get the picture). The noises from some of the surrounding buildings were, to be polite, indicative of several people suffering from the effects of way too much fun. This wasn't an isolated room, but at least three, all in the Atrium area.

    Not the fault of the resort, to be sure. Some people just can't resist finding the bottom of the bottle, only to put it in the bottom of the porcelain. It is what it is.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thank you everyone!! We decided on the atrium suite and we're beyond excited!!!

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