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    Default cti will be there feb 27 to march 5 2012

    First time to jamica any suggestion would be helpful.
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    It will be our first time as well to a couples resort. We are arriving on the 24th. There will 10 of us!! 8 from Nebraska and the other 2 from South Dakota.
    Was at another AE resort 4 years ago in Montego Bay. Loved the Bay. That was our 1st trip to Jamaica and I can't wait for Feb. to get here!! I really don't have any suggestions....just relax and have fun!!! Hope to see you there.

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    Just relax and enjoy it!! We will be there for a few of the same days. We arrive on March 2nd. See you there!

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    We arrive on the 25th and while i've been to Jamacia twice this is our first visit to a couples resort. Relax is the key- you can ALWAYS book excursions etc if you want to when you are there.

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    It's best to just keep n close touch with the message board. Bring your electronic toys (e-reader, iPod and Pad), lots of extra metal hangers, pack your stuff in plastic bags in case anything breaks (the mess will be contained) plus extra for a damp suit you might bring home. Bring a personal pharmacy as these items are overpriced there and are sometimes made in odd countries. All you need for clothing is lots of swim suits, cover-ups and flip-flops and dinner clothes. We bring a bunch of dryer sheets and put one in each drawer so you don't get any humid-like smell going on; plus if you golf, a dryer sheet in your pocket or under your cap keeps those little bugs away. HTH.

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    We will be there at the same time. See you at the lounge? Our plane arrives 12:43!!
    This is our 4 couples trip, and our honeymoon. It will be great. Just take a ton of photos. There will never be too many memories!

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    Madtown Mom-

    We touch down at 12:13 pm on the 25th... See you there!


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