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    Default How much does X cost?

    going to CN in July.

    What are the typical prices of things from beach vendors/ or at the airport? Obviously there is some room for haggling (from the vendors), but what did you pay for different items. I don't have a lot of items in mind but would like to know what to expect.

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    I found everything I could have ever wanted in the resort store. For example I wanted a shark tooth necklace for my son and compared to the vendors the store was cheaper. Don't get me wrong though I have bought a lot from the vendors, a coconut purse thats cute and had it personalized. Don't be afraid to bargain. As far as prices, I honestly can't remember.

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    About the same as Y but a little less than Z.
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    There are lots of items. Way too many to list here and hope to touch on what you are considering. What if instead you tell us what you are interested in and we can help that way.
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