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    Default Great House Verandah Suites-CSA?

    We are thinking about staying in the GHVS at CSA. Can someone tell me what they are like? Pros and Cons?? Is it noisy because it is near pool and restaurants?
    Do they have them on the 1st floor? We need the 1st floor.
    We want to be close to the beach, but BFVS are taken.

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    They are not on the first floor and they are not really near the beach, you will have a partial view of the beach/sea but you will be back from it so not what most people would think of as close to compared to the BFVS or BFS. You will have to do stairs to get to the room as well, not sure what your needs are as far as your statement regarding needing the first floor.

    To me noise is a difficult thing to quantify since we all come from different areas and sleep differently...I live in the country so it's quiet where I live, those from the city are acclimated to noise already. Certainly the proximity to the pool and restaurants is naturally going to give you some noise and particularly if you prefer to have the doors open rather than be closed up with the ac on. At night no on is in the pool and the restaurants are closed, though the grill is open into the wee hours of the morning but it's certainly less popular than during the day hours. I haven't stayed in one of these rooms so I can't specifically comment but sometimes these don't get much response so just thought I'd throw it in there for you that you are located right there. In the other rooms closing the doors and using the ac does drown out much noise.

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    Default Ghvs-csa

    Thanks! That does help some. Has anyone stayed in a GHVS? Pros?Cons?

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    Default Ghvs

    Quote Originally Posted by smacfall View Post
    Thanks! That does help some. Has anyone stayed in a GHVS? Pros?Cons?
    I stayed in the GHVS for a week. View wasn't the best, HOWEVER, I really didn't spend much time in the room except to sleep and, well, you know. It was very quiet. We were on the 2nd floor, down from the internet cafe. Never heard a thing. Nothing from the lounge or piano bar. Patois was right down the stairs, the piano bar and internet cafe a few steps away.

    I would stay there again.

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    More of a hotelish feel walking to room. They are on 2/3rd floor above the Great House. Partial Beach views. Last time my room overlooked the pool area and had beautiful beach views. For the price, best deal on CSA. Steps get tiring, but I tend to go back and forth often.
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    We typically stay in the BFVS, but we're bumped to a Greathouse Jacuzzi suite this past January. I was actually quite amazed at how quiet the rooms are - we never heard any noise late at night from the Aura Lounge or Patois. However, if you like to chill during the afternoon on your balcony, their swim bar can get very rowdy. Thankfully, the swimup pool bar closes at 6:00. We like to sleep with our doors open, and for the most part it was quiet at night. However, there were several times when people congregated at the Cabana Grill around 2:00 in the morning and got loud. I just shut our doors and put on the a/c, and we were fine.

    There are no first floor rooms in the GH. You have to go up a minimum of 1 flight of steps.

    We could see the beach just fine from our room, but the ocean view could be somewhat obstructed in the GHVS rooms.

    If you are a late sleeper, the hallways are not carpeted. The maid carts start rolling promptly at 9:00, and this can be loud if you are a light sleeper. Never bothered us, though.

    We loved being steps from the internet lounge, Patois, Feathers, giftshop, and Cabana Grill.

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