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    Default First time Nude, Need Advice

    Me and my fiance are getting married at Couples Swept Away on July 26 2011. I would have never even considered do AN but we also want to go off to Jamaica and have the time of our lives and meet friends. He and I both want to try new things and are interested in this, because it would be new to both of us but are a little nervous, well more me considering Im the woman, Im sure a man has not problem seeing naked women lol. What kind of atmosphere is it like? What we don't want is people trying to get frisky with it and take it to another level. That to us is completely against what we stand for as a couple. Im just trying to get feedback on other experiences. Has other woman felt insecure? I worry it will be beautiful naked women, and that could be quite intimidating. Any feedback would be appreciated......

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    Your concerns are moot. There is no AN at Swept Away. Enjoy your wedding day.

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    They do not have an AN area at CSA but if you sign up for the Romance Rewards program you can do a trading place day and go over to CN where the do have an AN area. Also, do not worry about the atmosphere at the AN areas. This resort is not like others in Jamaica when it comes to AN. The feel is that everyone is there with the one they love. Very respectful! You will NOT see people getting frisky and taking it to another level. No worries. Just read some of the other posts in the section and you will see.
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    No worries, mon! We've been to Couples Negril, CTI and San Souci and spent a good bit of time at the Au Natural facilities at all three. It has NEVER been anything but a relaxed respectful atmosphere. I remember being nervous my 1st time. That feeling left right away!! My wife and I actually like the Au Natural side better at CTI and San Souci. We found wonderful conversation and all the other guests there seem unaware of your nudity. We're all in the same boat---so to speak. If this is something you'd like to try, the do it! If it's not for you, it's a short walk ( or boat ride) back the main area. We are actually heading back to San Souci in August to meet up with friends we met on the "Island" at CTI. Body sizes and shapes vary, but you seem to be accepted there for who you are even more than on the clothed side of the resort. Man, one of my best memories is thinking back to the first time my wife and I were naked in the Caribbean and I was holding her in my arms. It's been 12 years since that day and it's still near the top of the list. Do it!

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    Congrats sunkissed on the wedding. My wife and I will be at CSA celebrating our 25th anniversary on 7/26/11. I hope your marriage is as succsessful as ours have been. Maybe we can meet up for a special day drink....we are there 7/22 - 7/29/11.

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    If you decide to go to CN to try the a/n beach, you likely will not encounter any uncomfortable situation. However, that doesn't mean that nothing inappropriate has ever happened there. If you're bothered by another guest (or couple) and the guest or couple persists despite your request that he/she/they leave you alone, let security know, and the guards will handle it.

    As I said initially, however, the overwhelming majority of the time, there is absolutely nothing to worry about; guests who want to socialize do so, and guests who don't want to socialize are left in peace.
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