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    So, we're 15 days out from our wedding (June 11) and I'm a bit worried about the weather forecast! It says rain everyday. We're very much looking forward to an amazing week in the sun with lots of fun. Can anyone attest to June weather? Or let me know what it's like now? We can't wait to spend our honeymoon at CTI!

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    One great thing about Jamaican's brief. The sun usually comes out in blazing glory after a quick shower. Have a wonderful time.
    We were married in Jamaica several years ago....awesome experience! One hint...when you order your marriage certificate, order 10. It will be a lot easier while you're there than getting copies at a later date.

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    Sara and Ben,
    We are getting married in August at CTI and can't wait! I know you are super excited being only 15 days away!

    Don't look at the weather forecast! From what I hear, the rain showers are fast and refreshing. You won't get rained out all day long like we do in the states! Ha!


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    We returned from our first trip to CTI on May 13th. The weather forecasts for the week were iffy but we had great weather the whole time we were there. It only rained once at about 5 am one morning and we only knew that because someone told us about it. Things were clear and dry by the time we were up and out of our room at 8:30. CTI is great, you will have an amazing time. My husband and I can't wait to plan our next trip back.

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    We went to CSS in June 2008 for our honeymoon. It rained almost everyday...but usually only for 10-15 minutes in the afternoon! It didn't really affect our trip at all. Enjoy!

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    Why worry about things you can't change. Life is too short. You will be there will your SO - enjoy.


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    OMG My wedding date is June 11th also at CTI. Have you decided on the beach or the garden for your ceremony place. Also, have you been contacted by the wedding coordinator? I'm getting a little worried that I have been contacted by anyone in a couple of months. Hopefully we will see each other after our ceremonies to share the events. Lisa

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    Congratulations and welcome to Jamaica. My wife and I will be at CTI from June 8-16. Will keep a look out for your ceremony. This is our 13th trip to CTI and we usually stay for 7-10 days. Always in June. Our anniversary is the 14th. In 13 years I think we have had maybe one or two days of rain that lasted any length of time. Usually just a quick shower in the morning or evening. No worries mon. Your wedding will be fantastic and you could not have picked a better resort. Everyting will be IRIE!

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    We renewed our vows at CTI last year, don't worry about the wedding planner not getting in touch before you leave for your vacation, you will have a meeting with her when you get there, they are brilliant, they will organise everything, we chose the garden location, but still had pics taken on the beach, enjoy....xx

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    SaraandBen Congrats! My fiance Jennifer and I are also getting married on June 11th and then off to CTI on the 12th for a week long honeymoon! As people have stated before about the weather I've always found it to be brief and then sunny for the rest of the day.
    Again so close to the wedding day...congrats again!

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    We just got back Saturday from a week at CTI. We were there for our vow renewal and for a friends wedding. We had a fair amount of rain the entire week, mostly starting in mid afternoon. We had one day that poured the entire day (06-24-11) so we went shopping in the flooded streets. LOL We won't go during the beginning of rainy season again but honestly can't wait to go back. Most of the weddings that were scheduled for our week happened in doors so be prepared just in case, so you're not disappointed. The days that it wasn't rainy it was still pretty overcast. Mornings were the best time to get out and enjoy the sun before the clouds moved in.

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    Congrats on your wedding! We just returned, we were there from 5/20-5/30. Forecast was for rain pretty much every day--this was NOT a problem. Although we had several days that were partly rainy, the first two days we had no rain, and the days that did have rain it passed pretty quickly. It was typically late in the day. Don't worry! I once heard if it rains on your wedding day, you'll be rich :-)

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