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    Default Put down a deposit for CTI!

    I have been lurking on this board for more than a year now, ever since my now-husband proposed to me! My husband and I got married about a month ago, but due to finances and work schedules, we weren't able to take a honeymoon (though I planned to come to Couples before we realized this!)

    However, I just put down a deposit for a superior ocean room at CTI for our one-year anniversary in April 2012! We are working with an AMAZING travel agent who was able to package flights and hotels together for a fantastic price (Flights are $288 RT per person from Baltimore to Montego Bay, which I couldn't believe!), so I just put down a deposit!

    I am so excited right now and had to share with everyone!

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    Congrats on the wedding and congrats on the deposit for the room at CTI!! I cant believe flights are that cheap and I would book it in a heart beat if I found that kind of price on airfare!! Thanks for sharing and I'm excited for you!!
    Not going to CTI until 12/02/12 soooooo I got a long ways to go! HA

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