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    Default Mastercraft @ CSA?

    When we stayed at CN back in 2008, they had a Mastercraft ski boat. Does anyone know if they have a Mastercraft at CSA?

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    Yeah they have one also. When we were there in September the weather was very bad and we didnt get to use it. They actually had to pull it out of the water and put it in the front of the hotel, about 6 workers pushed the trailer to the front it was very interesting.

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    We were just there May 10th - 17th and yes they have a Mastercraft.

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    OMG...My fiancée will be SOOO excited to hear this! He's an avid water skier....I, on the other hand, face plant in the water. lol

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    Now I am jealous, we went to CSS and they had an underpowered center counsel that couldn't get my 175# out of the water on a slalom ski. I am no rookie either I have taught many people how to ski and have no problem getting out of the water on my 18' boat with just a little 140 i/o.

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