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    Default Drawing done at Couples Negril

    My wife and I had our picture taken in the Heliconia Restaurant at dinner and then the artist that sets up at night at Couples Negril drew this picture for us with Bob Marley!!!Name:  sue,me & bob.jpg
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    That's awesome!
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    I would love to have that done. What did it cost? And what nights does the artist do this. Is it all night or a particular night. Also is it the entire dinner hour or at a special time? Almost to the 3 week mark. I can hardly wait to get home to Jamaica!

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    Wow he did a great job!!!

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    Default Drawing

    Do you remember the gentlemans name that did your drawing? We were at CSA Feb 2010 and Stanley did a wonderful drawing of us from a picture taken at the resort. It is framed and hangs on our living room wall. Absolutely amazing!

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    Mark, looks great! Funny though even in pencil Sue's cutier than you....LOL !! Hey BTW we'll be back in April. How about you guys?

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    That is fantastic!

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    Did you get this done this year or in 2010? Were you at CN in April of 2010? I think we were on the same plane as you. If so, I have an excellent pic of you two in the CN pool during April of 2010 that I would like to send to you. I was taking a pic of the logo in the pool from the balcony and somehow I think you ended up in the pic.

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    jam24 the artists name is Stanley and he was at the resort on Tuesday night at Couples Negril. The picutre he did for us is a large picture approx. 24x32 and he charged us $200. We gave him the pitcure of us Tuesday night and he had it completed on Thursday morning and he met us at the resort at 8:30am before we departed from the resort. He sets up at the end of the pool outside Heliconia and he is there late night after dinner.

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    jeffdawnNH yes the artists name was Stanley. He does an unbelievable job!! We had ours framed also and we hung it in our bedroom.

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    We had this done too. I want to say it was around $100. Stanley was our artist and he was amazing. We still have the picture he did hanging in our bedroom. Every time I look at it I remember how wonderful our stays at CN were!

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    Sherm we were there in April 2010 and went back in Dec.2010 when they took this picture. Then we were there April 2011 when we had Stanley do this picture. I would love to get the picture you have of us. Did you fly in from Chicago on USA3000?

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    Thanks Kevin!!! We are going back in April and we are looking at going on the 12th and we are trying to determine if we are going to do the usual 7 days or maybe 10 days. It's Sue's 50th next May so we are thinking of doing a couple more days. Hope to see you guys there!! Any ideas what days you guys might be there?

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    Well we were trying to decided between the 14th or the 21st, now we know!!If you guys are going to be there it will be the 14th!! Wow 10 days would be nice,you will need it if you guys live through the wedding...LOL!
    Great, see you then!

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    Yes, we did. We were the couple behind you in line while we were waiting for USA3000 to setup their ticket counter. How can I email that pic to you?

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    I think this is you. Let's see if I can get this to post....

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    Sherm that is us. Thanks for the picture!!!

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    Hey Mark, we just booked for April 14th 2012, looking forward to seeing you guys again. Ask Sue if she wants me to bring my binoculars , cause I'm sure you guys will get the same building again...LOL

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